PPM Racing Products Introduces Game Changing “Clickable Schematic” for Your Shopping Convenience


We’ve gotten to know the team at PPM pretty well these past few months, and when we visited their facility in Tennessee this fall we were excited to get a sneak peak at their website’s new interactive Chassis Maps feature. 

PPM has taken their innovative new ‘Clickable Schematic’ technology and applied it to an entire car chassis! If you’ve not picked parts for your transmission from their clickable schematics, you’re missing out. The ease of a point and click drawing eliminates the need to look up anything and the link takes you straight
to the part you need. If you have used it, you know how dramatically it’s improved your technical parts shopping experience.

Now you can have that fast, easy experience with ALL your car’s chassis specific parts! From lower control arms to engine mid-plates to J-bars and bird cages, these maps make finding your part as easy as point and click. All you need to know is your car’s specific chassis. The rest is just pointing at apicture! You don’t even have to select the size or side from the variable listings. The correct lengths, sizes and build outs for your specific car are hard coded into the links! The ball joints, for example, are pre-selected for your car by 4 different criteria, and all you have to do is click the picture.

It just doesn’t get any easier or more accurate than PPM’s new Chassis Maps! 

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