Jason Myers Battles Brother to Win at Bowman Gray

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Saturday’s racing at Bowman Gray Stadium was all about the Myers family – and history being made with two women drivers.

Jason Myers fended off brother Burt Myers to win the FOX8 WGHP 100-lap race in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series. And not to be 
outdone, Taylor Robbins started the night with a win the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series. She wasn’t the only female 
driver to have won Saturday night. Amber Lynn won the second 20-lap race in the McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series.

It was Jason Myers’ second win in a 100-lap race this season. Myers started on the pole after the full field drew for position.

‘Luck of the draw, I guess,” Jason Myers said. “I mean, really, that’s all it was. I feel like I had the best race car here tonight, but 
if I hadn’t drawn the pole – a good chance I wouldn’t have won the race.”

Jason Myers qualified fifth, behind John Holleman IV, who had the fastest qualifying lap. Tim Brown qualified third and Jonathan Brown 
was fourth. Since it was a 100-lap race, each driver had the choice of going to the back of the field for a chance of winning the Fans’ 
Challenge bonus prize pool, which was up to $6,000. Jonathan Brown was the only driver to take the Fans’ Challenge, but he finished just 
outside of the big pay day in sixth. 

Jason Myers started next to Brian Loftin on the front row, with Danny Bohn and Burt Myers on the second row. Randy Butner and Bobby 
Labonte were on the third row, and Tim Brown and Lee Jeffreys were on the fourth row. 

“You’ve got to be good, but you’ve got to be lucky, too,” Jason Myers said. “All the good in the world don’t do you any good if you 
don’t have good luck.”

There was skill and perseverance for Jason Myers, He and every other driver had to try their patience with six cautions in the 100 laps. 
But in the end, it was a cat-and-mouse race between brothers. 

“That’s what it is. It is cat-and-mouse,” Jason Myers said. “It’s mind games because when you start on the front row with a guy that 
you’re going to wreck and he’s not going to wreck you, the only advantage you can get is playing mind games. That’s how the game’s 

Burt Myers was pretty much singing the same tune about racing with his younger brother. 

“Well, we both know each other,” Burt said. “We know what games the other one is playing. I know how Jason restarts. None of his fault. 
He’s just trying to win just like I am.”

The back-and-forth between the two continued until Jason Myers crossed the finish line as the winner. 

“I knew that he was going to be tough if I let him restart the way he likes to restart,” Burt said. “His car was a little tight tonight, 
but he had killer drive. So, I knew the only way I could beat him was to be up enough so he couldn’t get into the gas hard. You know, 
all in all, he drew the pole and if I can’t win, I would just assume follow that car.”

Even on the final lap, Burt Myers tried to slip under Jason around turn 1 as they encountered lapped traffic.

“Well, I thought if I could just spook him,” Burt said. “What was I going to do? Go three-wide with my brother and another car? I mean, 
I thought if I could just spook him and make him make a mistake, I might have a shot. 

“I had a little better car than him there at the end, but catching somebody and passing somebody is a different story over here. What 
was I going to do? Knock my brother out of the way?”

Jason Myers said the final lap all came down to how he maneuvered around a different car than his brother’s. 

“When we got to (turn) 1, we caught a lapped car and I went to the outside,” Jason said. “And I knew what (Burt) was going to do. But I 
didn’t give him room to make it three-wide down the backstretch because he could’ve beat me that way.”

Jason Myers is making a habit out of winning the 100-lap races at Bowman Gray. He won the 100-lapper on June 19, which was Father’s Day 
weekend. By winning Saturday night Jason Myers won his 35th race at Bowman Gray, which put him in sole possession of 10th place on the 
career-wins list at Bowman Gray in the Modified Series. The 35 wins puts him three behind his father, Gary. Burt Myers is second on the 
wins list with 84, 10 behind career-leader Tim Brown. 

“That ultimate number in the scheme of things really doesn’t mean that much until I talk with my dad, like when you get through racing 
and you go back and look,” Jason said. “That’s when your stats and what you’ve done kind of comes into play. You know, tonight I don’t 
care if this was my first win or my 100th win. A win’s a win.”

Lynn continued her winning ways after winning the second 20-lap Sportsman race the previous week. 

Lynn sat behind Spencer Martin and Chase Robertson. But after Martin spun while battling with Robertson for the lead, Lynn moved up to 
second. She was then able to slip inside Robertson to take the lead. 

“You know, after the pretty bad year that we’ve had it means a whole lot to be able to come out here and win two weeks in a row,” Lynn 

And she won after the morning practice earlier in the day was rained out. 

“We were at the track and there was no morning practice,” she said. “The first time in evening practice, I had no power steering because 
there was a hole in the line from earlier. So, to be able to overcome that and overcome all of our other issues we’ve been having, I 
still to feel good to pull a win out of my tail.

“I don’t know where that came from.”

Before Saturday’s fourth- and first-place finish, she had finished sixth, seventh, third, third, ninth, second, third, ninth, 11th, 
10th, plus the previous week’s win. 

“We’ve rebuilt the car every week,” Lynn said. “Two weeks ago, we ran the car with no radiator…The motor’s worn out. We’re worn out 
from working our regular 40-hour jobs and then coming around and working 40 hours on the race car every week. But we do it because we 
love it, and we’re really good at it.

“And we will continue to run ourselves ragged to come out here and do what we did tonight.”

Lynn began last Saturday in third place – 20 points behind leader Tommy Neal and eight points behind second-place Zack Ore. After 
Saturday’s two top-four finishes she is still in third place with 416 points, six behind Ore for second, and 18 behind Neal for first – 
with two weeks and three races left. 

“We’ll be ecstatic with a top three, but I can’t even imagine winning the championship,” Lynn said. “It’s a possibility, like I said. 
but right now we’re just trying to keep our nose clean. What comes of it we’ll be happy with.”

Robertson finished second, Kyle Southern was third, Kirk Sheets was fourth, and Zack Ore was fifth. 

Lynn won the second Sportsman race, but Neal won the first-20 lap race of the night. 

“This car was phenomenal. It was great handling-wise,” Neal said. “We had a little bit of a mishap at practice…My family took care of 

Neal started on the pole and survived two cautions. The first caution happened on lap 4 after Justin Taylor spun around turn 2. The 
second caution happened four laps later.

Neal was able to lead from start to finish. Zack Ore was second, followed by Sterling Plemmons, and Lynn finished fourth. 

Robbins had struggled for much of the season in the Street Stock Series, but she took advantage of starting from the pole. However, it 
wasn’t easy. 

To win she had to survive five cautions. But it didn’t matter. She won the first time this season and for the fifth time overall. Austin 
Harris finished runner-up, followed by Billy Gregg, and Chris Joyce. 

In the first 15-lap race in the Q104.1 15-lap race, Grayson Keaton won after bumping past Robert Strmiska on the final lap.

Chuck Wall finished runner-up behind Keaton, followed by Brandon Brendle, Wyatt Sapp, and Kyler Staley. 

The second 15-lap race in the Stadium Stock Series was just as exciting. 

There was a green-white finish on the last lap and Chris Allison slid by just as he went across the finish line for the win. 

“It feels pretty awesome,” Allison said, “I didn’t really want to bring the car over here and get it torn up.”

Blake Walker finished runner-up behind Allison, followed by Blake Spears, and Brandon Crotts. 

Saturday is the penultimate race night of the season at Bowman Gray. The feature will be twin 50-lap races in the Brad’s Golf Cars 
Modified Series, which will have double-file restarts on cautions and the O’Reilly Auto Parts Madhouse Scramble to shake the field up 
after the first race. 

In addition to the Modified races, there will be twin 20-lap races in the McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series, a 20-lap race in the 
20-lap Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series, and there will be twin 15-lap races in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series. The final 
Midway Mobile Storage Demolition Derby of the season will also be held. 

Race Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
FOX8 WGHP 100: 100 laps

1    4    Jason Myers    Walnut Cove, NC
2    1    Burt Myers    Kernersville, NC
3    83    Tim Brown    Tobaccoville, NC
4    04    Brandon Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
5    69    John Holleman    Winston-Salem, NC
6    22    Jonathan Brown    Winston-Salem, NC
7    5    Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
8    25    Bobby Labonte    Trinity, NC
9    79    James Civali    Davidson, NC
10    15    Brian Loftin    Clemmons, NC
11    65    Danny Bohn    Mooresville, NC
12    8    Darin Redmon    Walnut Cove, NC
13    3    Danny Propst    Monroe, NC
14    53    Joseph Brown    Winston-Salem, NC
15    16    Chris Fleming    Mount Airy, NC
16    44    Daniel Beeson    Kernersville, NC
17    6    Chris Williams    Martinsville, VA
18    75    Lee Jeffreys    Wallburg, NC
19    7    Dylan Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
20    18    Daniel Yates    Lexington, NC
21    07    Dennis Holdren    Roanoke, VA
22    99    William Smith    Mount Airy, NC
23    05    Bussy Beavers    Trinity, NC
24    88    Brad Robbins    Winston-Salem, NC
25    36    Jason Southern    Winston-Salem, NC
26    68    Junior Miller    Danbury, NC

McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series
1st Sportsman Race: 20 laps

1    21    Tommy Neal    Rural Hall, NC
2    55    Zack Ore    Lexington, NC
3    03    Sterling Plemmons    Winston-Salem, NC
4    2    Amber Lynn    Walkertown, NC
5    19    Michael Adams    Yadkinville, NC
6    68    Robbie Brewer    Winston-Salem, NC
7    6    Kirk Sheets    Pfafftown, NC
8    5    Spencer Martin    Wallburg, NC
9    31    Chase Robertson    Winston-Salem, NC
10    08    Jacob Creed    Mt Airy, NC
11    92    Kyle Southern    Rural Hall, NC
12    9    Ronnie Bassett Jr.    Winston-Salem, NC
13    22    Wesley Thompson    Advance, NC
14    38    Mitch Gales    Thomasville, NC
15    54    Braden Mills    Winston-Salem, NC
16    12    Justin Taylor    Kernersville, NC

2nd Sportsman Race: 20 laps

1    2    Amber Lynn    Walkertown, NC
2    31    Chase Robertson    Winston-Salem, NC
3    92    Kyle Southern    Rural Hall, NC
4    6    Kirk Sheets    Pfafftown, NC
5    55    Zack Ore    Lexington, NC
6    21    Tommy Neal    Rural Hall, NC
7    68    Robbie Brewer    Winston-Salem, NC
8    19    Michael Adams    Yadkinville, NC
9    9    Ronnie Bassett Jr.    Winston-Salem, NC
10    03    Sterling Plemmons    Winston-Salem, NC
11    22    Wesley Thompson    Advance, NC
12    12    Justin Taylor    Kernersville, NC
13    38    Mitch Gales    Thomasville, NC
14    54    Braden Mills    Winston-Salem, NC
15    5    Spencer Martin    Wallburg, NC
16    08    Jacob Creed    Mt Airy, NC

Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series
Street Stock Race: 20 laps

1    40    Taylor Robbins    Winston-Salem, NC
2    59    Austin Harris    Yadkinville, NC
3    98    Billy Gregg    Lexington, NC
4    1    Christian Joyce    Trinity, NC
5    28    Nate Gregg    Lexington, NC
6    97    Jeremy Warren    Winston-Salem, NC
7    19    Kenny Bost    Winston-Salem, NC
8    00    Cale Martin    Winston-Salem, NC
9    96    Donnie Martin    Winston-Salem, NC
10    13    Kevin Gilbert    Mocksville, NC
11    31    Brandon Butner    Lewisville, NC
12    10    Kendell Craig Hartless    Winston-Salem, NC
13    88    Justin Cummings    Winston-Salem, NC
14    22    Brian Wall    Winston-Salem, NC
15    79    Conner Shaw    Walnut Cove, NC
16    15    Nick Wall    Pfafftown, NC
17    02    David Creed    Mount Airy, NC

Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series
Stadium Stock “A” Race: 15 laps

1    1    Grayson Keaton    Mocksville, NC
2    81    Chuck Wall    Lexington, NC
3    9    Brandon Brendle    Tobaccoville, NC
4    46    Wyatt Sapp    Kernersville, NC
5    31    Kyler Staley    Lexington, NC
6    12    Levi Holt    Kernersville, NC
7    27    Austin Cates    Tobaccoville, NC
8    90    Robert Strmiska    Lexington, NC
9    54    Justin Owens    Walnut Cove, NC
10    14    Ken Bridges    King, NC
11    28    Robert Mabe    Germanton, NC
12    80    Luke Smith    Advance, NC
13    55    Jeremy Smith    King, NC
14    33    DJ Dean    Thomasville, NC

Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series
Stadium Stock “B” Race: 15 laps

1    7    Chris Allison    Mocksville, NC
2    99    Blake Walker    Lenoir, NC
3    23    Blake Spears    Lexington, NC
4    69    Brandon Crotts    King, NC
5    64    Steven Truell    Midway, NC 
6    40    Kenny Dixon    Pfafftown, NC
7    70    Jeffery Burrow    Thomasville, NC
8    8    Stephen Sanders    Midway, NC 
9    9    Robbie Shrewsbury    Walnut Cove, NC
10    49    Shawn Hayes    Lenoir, NC
11    71    Joel Stewart    Mocksville, NC
12    03    Cody Gum    Clemmons, NC
13    76    Billy Cameron Jr    Salisbury, NC
14    32    William Smith    Walkertown, NC
15    13    Zack Staley    Lexington, NC

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