AARA Launches Podcast As A Platform To Share Stories From Motorsports History

African American Racers Association

The African American Racers Association (AARA) launched a podcast of the same name on Sept. 21, 2020. The podcast, hosted by AARA’s co-founders Christopher Harris and Sinclair Gordon, further accomplishes the association’s goal of recognizing and promoting African American achievements and contributions in the motorsports world.

The AARA Podcast is geared towards highlighting influential and legendary African Americans in all facets of the motorsports industry, from drivers and riders to mechanics and engineers. The series will highlight all disciplines of motorsports from drag racing to stock car racing to motocross, to supercross and sprint cars.

“We created the AARA to shed light and give acknowledgement to African American achievement. It seems only natural that we have an outlet in order to dig deeper into those contributions,” said Harris. “It’s not only about merely shedding light on the African American’s impact on motorsports but to give kids in the community people to look up to, people that look like them.”

Already six episodes in, the AARA Podcast has interviewed NASCAR legend and trailblazer Bill Lester as well as the only African American jet car driver Dewayne Hill of Larsen Motorsports, up and coming NASCAR phenom Rajah Caruth and Bernard Lyght, driver of Alien Invasion in the Monster Jam series.

“The AARA is all about spearheading inclusion in motorsports. What better way to showcase those athletes who are leading the way and excelling unity in the industry than to have a platform where we can hear their story,” added Gordon. “I look forward to continuing to share the journeys of both past and future African American greats.”

To watch the AARA Podcast visit their YouTube and be sure to subscribe. You can also watch full episodes on the AARA Facebook page.

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