Enfinger Truck Championship Bid Comes Up Short in OT

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GRANT ENFINGER, No. 98 Champion Power Equipment/Curb Records Ford F-150 — TAKE US THROUGH THE FINAL RESTART?  “Before that Hensley made a good call to just get off sequence.  We just couldn’t go on a short run.  We had good speed on a long run, but just couldn’t pass after that.  So we got off sequence.  That worked.  Hensley was leaning towards tires at the end.  I was leaning against it just to do something different, and we ended up staying out.  That cost us.  It just is what it is.  We didn’t have quite the short run speed to legitimately contend tonight, but, man, a great season by these guys.  I’m gonna try not to be too sad leaving here because it’s been a great year.  It’s just unfortunate the way it turned out tonight.”

YOU WERE ON THE FRONT ROW FOR THE FINAL RESTART, BUT ON OLDER TIRES.  WHAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE?  “Tires, like you said.  Hensley made a good call earlier on in that deal to get off sequence because we just couldn’t fire off.  We had good long run speed, but once we’d cycle five laps or so we were a lot better than those guys, but it was really hard to pass.  So we got off sequence and that worked.  Then at the end those guys took tires and we didn’t.  I was voting to stay out and Hensley was kind of voting to come in and I talked him into staying out and that cost us a shot.  Anyway, we’ll try not to hold our head too low leaving here.  It’s been a great year.  I’m proud of these guys, it just didn’t work out tonight.”

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