ThorSport Racing Race Recap Michigan International Speedway

Michigan Information:Started: 14thStage 1: 9thStage 2: 11thFinished: 12thLaps: 105/105Laps Led: 0Status: RunningDriver Points: 10thOwner Points: 7thUnofficial Playoff Position – Driver: 7thUnofficial Playoff Position – Owner: 7th2019 Stats:Starts: 15Laps Completed: 2060/2255Laps Led: 76Wins: 1Poles: 0Top-five Finishes: 3Top-10 Finishes: 7Average start: 9.3Average finish: 12.9
Michigan Information:Started: 12thStage 1: 10thStage 2: 12thFinished: 10thLaps: 105/105Laps Led: 0Status: RunningDriver Points: 3rdOwner Points: 4thUnofficial Playoff Position – Driver: 6thUnofficial Playoff Position – Owner: 9th2019 Stats:Starts: 16Laps Completed: 2413/2415Laps Led: 34Wins: 0Poles: 2Top-five Finishes: 6Top-10 Finishes: 14Average start: 7.4Average finish: 7.2
Michigan Information:Started: 9thStage 1: 6thStage 2: 3rdFinished: 7thLaps: 105/105Laps Led: 3Status: RunningDriver Points: 1stOwner Points: 1stUnofficial Playoff Position – Driver: 2ndUnofficial Playoff Position – Owner: 2nd2019 Stats:Starts: 16Laps Completed: 2326/2415Laps Led: 233Wins: 0Poles: 2Top-five Finishes: 7Top-10 Finishes: 12Average start: 6.8Average finish: 7.6
Michigan Information:Started: 7thStage 1 Finish: 2ndStage 2 Finish: 5thFinished: 23rdLaps: 103/105Laps Led: 15Status: RunningDriver Points: 5thOwner Points: 7thUnofficial Playoff Position – Driver: 9thUnofficial Playoff Position – Owner: 10th2019 Stats:Starts: 16Laps Completed: 2170/2415Laps Led: 87Wins: 0Poles: 0Top-five Finishes: 5Top-10 Finishes: 9Average start: 12.0Average finish: 12.2
Sounding Off
Would you have thought at the beginning of the season, that you would have become the Regular Season Champion? 
“Oh, without a doubt. I feel like we can be holding that trophy after Homestead as well. I don’t know that we’ve all the way hit our stride. We’ve stumbled a little bit the last couple of months, but overall we’ve got solid Ford F-150’s that we’re bringing to the track. When we miss it, no one blames each other, we just get in there and dig, and make the most of it, and that was the story this weekend. We were terrible yesterday. Jeff Hensley (crew chief) made some good calls and we had a decent truck today.” – Grant Enfinger
As the Regular Season Champion, do you think you’ve got something for these guys, come Homestead?
“We’ve gotta hit our stride, we’ve gotta peak, and we aren’t doing that yet. I feel like we have the best team out here. This is our third year working together, everyone believes in each other, and I don’t think there is anything we can’t accomplish. I’m thankful for this opportunity. I’m thankful for everyone that has supported me. I don’t think we’re a favorite right now, by any means, but we’re capable of becoming a favorite, for sure.” – Grant Enfinger
“We got our Chi-Chi’s/Menards Ford F-150 fast at the end of the day. I just raced my race because at the end of the day I knew the drivers that couldn’t win and which ones were going to be tough at the end. When the No. 4 (Todd Gilliland), No. 18 (Harrison Burton), No. 99 (Ben Rhodes) were all one, two three, I knew I had to get up on the wheel. I was content for a while riding third and then try to settle it on the last lap. I’m happy for my guys and the Thorson’s to be able to put this No. 88 in the Playoffs and go contend for a championship.” – Matt Crafton
“Having the flat tire late in the race was an unfortunate event. As I was passing for the lead the No. 4 (Todd Gilliland) tried to block me and clipped the right front, very gentle, but a brace ended up breaking and cut the tire immediately. I was in the lead in the middle of Turn 1 and Turn 2 when the tire popped. Luckily we didn’t hit the wall. We came down to fix it and then blew another tire. Came down pit road, again, to fix it and but by that point we were two laps down. I really think our Havoline Ford F-150 was the truck to beat today. We were going to win the race.” – Ben Rhodes

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