Toyota NXS Kentucky Quotes – Brandon Jones

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How much do you know about what happened with the car to take you out of tonight’s race?

“A lot of smoke in the cab. I couldn’t really get the motor over 7,000 RPMs, so kind of a telltale sign for me that the motor was letting go there at the end. That’s twice this weekend that we’ve been leading the race and something has taken us out – whether it’s been mechanical or an incident on the race track. What are you going to do? We’ve been running first both races this week and that’s what we’ve got to do, at least on my behalf. I hate it. We had Menards and we had Swiffer on the car this weekend. It was going great for us. I think we had the car to win the race tonight, but all in all, these guys worked really hard and I think they’re all behind me and we’re going to get this thing figured out.”

How do you stay positive knowing that you did have such a fast race car?

“We talked about it earlier, it’s all about realizing where you’re running when this stuff is happening. We continue to run top five. We continue to lead laps. This pit crew I had tonight was awesome. They were really getting me up front there. You put all that together and we’re going to keep going. These guys got a lot of momentum built up behind them so I think next week will be good.”

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