Ward and Taylor Take Important Wins at Bowman Gray

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“It’s good to be back.”
    That’s what Brandon Ward of Winston-Salem said after taking the 
checkered in Saturday’s first scheduled 25-lapper for the Brad’s Golf 
Cars Modified Series.
    “We didn’t get to race over here a lot last year. We ran into some 
problems, but we’re glad to be back full time this year,” said Ward.
    Jason Myers of Walnut Cove was the fastest qualifier and started on the 
pole, with Ward starting outside of him in second. When the green flag 
fell, Ward leaped out into the lead and never looked back.
    “It’s all about the initial start with these twin 25s,” said Ward. 
“It’s kinda a game. You’re trying to go as soon as you can and not jump 
the start. It was pretty even between me and Jason. The outside was 
good. I was able to get a good launch off of four and just barely get 
him cleared.”
    Ward was particularly pleased to take his first win in a 25-lap race. 
“The other wins we’ve had over here have been these long distance races. 
So if we’ve struggled anywhere, I feel that it’s been in the twin 25s,” 
said Ward. “So to come over here and finally get one of these races so 
early in the season – it shows we’re headed in the right direction.”
    Jason Myers finished on his bumper in second. Danny Bohn of 
Huntersville took third.
    Saturday was the Midway Mobile Storage Sportsman 100 for the McDowell 
Heating & Air Sportsman Series – one of their long-distance races and 
always a showcase of racing action. Dylan Ward of Winston-Salem started 
on the pole after being the fastest qualifier. Second-place started 
Derek Stoltz of Walkertown was soon knocking on his door, taking the 
lead away on lap 7.
    Stoltz then immediately had to contend with veteran Tommy Neal of 
Walkertown. Neal moved out into the top spot on lap 14 and then fended 
off challenge after challenge for the next 70 laps. John Holleman of 
Winston-Salem gave Neal a run for his money but the caution flag came 
out on lap 93 while Neal was still ahead.
    That caution flag would be the last where Neal would lead. Dylan Ward 
chose the outside during the double-file restart to challenge Neal for 
the top spot. As Ward and Neal headed into turn one as the green flag 
was waving, a massive crash ensued. Much of the field was collected in 
the wreckage – but Justin Taylor of King was able to make it out to take 
over the head position.
    An abrupt storm began to pelt the cars with rain, leading to the event 
being shortened due to weather. On lap 96, Taylor was declared the 
unofficial winner of the race. The results are pending review by NASCAR 
    “I really don’t have a clue what happened – I saw them all pile up and 
I hammered down,” said Taylor about the massive wreck where he claimed 
the lead. “That’s why I went in the corner sideways – I didn’t really 
care what the outcome was as long as I was the first one out the other 
    “That’s the biggest race of the year and to come over here and win it – 
we’re the smallest budget team. We have worked on this car every single 
week – week-in and week-out,” said Taylor.
    The victory, if declared official, would give him a strong lead in the 
points standings – but Taylor doesn’t pay attention. “Everybody keeps 
messaging me about a championship, championship, championship,” said 
Taylor. “That’s the last thing on my mind. This year I’m winning the Top 
Gun Award [for most wins] and that’s a fact. You can take it to the 
    In the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series, Jeremy Warren of 
Winston-Salem powered by Fletcher Whaley of Advance to take the win.
    Randy Butner of Pfafftown was slated to start on the pole for the start 
of the second race, but the rain led to an early end to the night. The 
Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series was also unable to race – but they will 
return next week with double points at stake.

Race Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
Modified Race: 25 laps

1    04    Brandon Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
2    4    Jason Myers    Walnut Cove, NC
3    65    Danny Bohn    Huntersville, NC
4    1    Burt Myers    Walnut Cove, NC
5    79    James Civali    Davidson, NC
6    83    Tim Brown    Tobaccoville, NC
7    12    Dean Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
8    5    Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
9    18    Daniel Yates    Lexington, NC
10    31    Zach Brewer    Winston-Salem, NC
11    22    Jonathan Brown    Winston-Salem, NC
12    44    Daniel Beeson    Kernersville, NC
13    81    Zack Clifton    Walkertown, NC
14    24    Andrew Harrah    Greensboro, NC
15    17    Zack Staley    Winston-Salem, NC
16    16    Chris Fleming    Mount Airy, NC
17    8    Darin Redmon    Walnut Cove, NC
18    75    Lee Jeffreys    Wallburg, NC
19    66    Ronnie Clifton    Walkertown, NC
20    53    John Smith    Mount Airy, NC
21    77    Susan Harwell    Jonesville, NC
22    41    Cory Lovette    Winston-Salem, NC
23    6    Marty Butner    East Bend, NC
24    78    Jody Fritts    Winston-Salem, NC

Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series
Street Stock Race: 20 laps

1    97    Jeremy Warren    Winston-Salem, NC
2    22    Brian Wall    Winston-Salem, NC
3    19    Corey Rose    Trinity, NC
4    98    Billy Gregg    Lexington, NC
5    99    Bryan Sykes    Winston-Salem, NC
6    08    Jacob Creed    Dobson, NC
7    52    Fletcher Whaley    Advance, NC
8    69    Gerald Robinson Jr    Winston-Salem, NC
9    1    Christian Joyce    Trinity, NC
10    02    David Creed    Mount Airy, NC
11    16    Brad Lewis    Winston-Salem, NC
12    40    Taylor Robbins    Winston-Salem, NC
13    33    Dennis Lanier    Lexington, NC
14    12    Nick Wall    Pfafftown, NC
15    2    Willie Wall    Winston-Salem, NC
16    11    Hunter Hutchens    Boonville, NC
17    28    Nate Gregg    Lexington, NC
18    23    Andy Spears    Lexington, NC
19    62    Kevin Hedgecock    Thomasville, NC
20    0    Shane Tuttle    Winston-Salem, NC
21    29    Bradley Potts    Clemmons, NC

McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series
Midway Mobile Storage Sportsman 100: 96 laps of 100 completed (race 
ended early due to inclement weather)
Results unofficial pending review

1    12    Justin Taylor    Kernersville, NC

Bowman Gray Stadium PR

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