Transcript: Chris Buescher – Pit Road Interview – Sonoma

NKP #17: Chris Buescher, RFK Racing, Ford Mustang

Q. I thought maybe today was the day, but what did you need more to get that done and get the W today?

CHRIS BUESCHER: It was a heck of a day. Really proud of everybody on this Ford Mustang. Man, this paint scheme keeps doing us good. We keep getting so close.

It was a really good day. We knew it was going to be a tough one where we started, and just didn’t get to where we needed to yesterday. Ultimately my team did a great job on strategy, and I got the car a lot better. We were in a good place, just needed a little bit more long run pace, maybe a little bit more spill together. 

I feel like I have a lot of things I would love to change now, knowing where we were at and then the laps we got on track. We didn’t get to that point in practice, so that’s a good thing to sit here and not be stunned and confused on where the speed is at. I think we have a lot of good ideas. 

Proud of the day. If you would have told us at the beginning we could run third at one stage, we would have taken that, so we should be happy, and we are. It’s a strong — just wanted a little bit more still.

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