Niece Motorsports NCTS Race Recap: World Wide Technology Raceway

NKP #41: Bayley Currey, Niece Motorsports, DQS Chevrolet Silverado

No. 41 DQS Solutions & Staffing Chevrolet Silverado RST
Driver: Bayley Currey | Crew Chief: Mike Hillman, Jr.

– Key Takeaway: Bayley Currey and the No. 41 team fought mechanical issues in the race at World Wide Technology Raceway. After starting 25th, Currey began to pass some competitors, moving up to 21st in stage one. Towards the end of stage two, his truck began to lose power, dropping to 25th in stage two. The issue would persist throughout the rest of the race, resulting in a 29th-place finish.

– Bayley Currey’s Post-Race Thoughts: “Well, it was an uphill battle all day for us on our DQS/Masked Owl Chevy Silverado. I felt like we were starting to make some hay and work our way up out of the pack, but it’s really hard to get out of the riff-raff when you’re back there. I felt like we had good speed, but it was hard to pass out there. Then, we had some sort of an issue with the engine. Sounds like there was a sensor that went bad that kept having our truck shut off. It is what it is, I think that was part of our issue all day with our loss of straightaway speed. I am proud of our group; we kept fighting and working on our truck and making it better. The guys changed out our E.C.U. and a bunch of other stuff. I think if we didn’t have that issue, we could have ran inside the top-10, but we don’t get to show it. We’ll go onto the next one and continue to get better.”

No. 42 J.F. Electric / Utilitra Chevrolet Silverado RST
Driver: Matt Mills | Crew Chief: Jon Leonard

– Key Takeaway: Matt Mills and the No. 42 team had a relatively uneventful day at WWT Raceway. Mills qualified in the 26th position and would finish in the same spot at the conclusion of stage one. Jon Leonard called for significant changes in stage two, and the group would climb to 18th at the stage. Citing a tight condition, Mills lost a bit of track position en-route to a 23rd-place finish.

– Matt Mills’ Post-Race Thoughts: “We struggled from the get-go today, just fought a free-handling truck from the beginning of the first stage. We pitted to make some adjustments and try to get better, but ultimately ended up going the wrong way. By stage two, we got it tightened up, but ended up getting too tight. Overall, we lacked some raw speed. We had some top-15 lap times, but it just wasn’t what we needed today. Brought home another finish that almost wasn’t tore up right until the end there, but that’s just part of it. We’ll keep learning as we go onto the next one.”

No. 45 Chevy Accessories Chevrolet Silverado RST
Driver: Connor Mosack | Crew Chief: Phil Gould

– Key Takeaway: Connor Mosack and the No. 45 team had high hopes for a solid run in Gateway, but sustained damage early on. Mosack qualified 18th, but had to make repairs in stage one, dropping to 25th. They went on to finish 26th in stage two, but the damage proved to be too heavy to enable him to move up the running order. Mosack would walk away with a 22nd-place result in his second start with Niece Motorsports.
– Connor Mosack’s Post-Race Thoughts: “Overall, it was a long day for us. We had a decent truck, but got some left-front damage when we got ran into the wall on lap three. That’s where our problems really started since we were tight after that. Once we stayed out, I felt like we could hold our own pretty well and run in the top-five, but our damage caved in on the left front tire and almost cut it down. We were too tight in traffic to work our way forward the rest of the day. Just an unfortunate one all around, but I have to say a big thank you to everyone at Chevrolet and Niece Motorsports for bringing what I thought was a top-10 truck. Just had that damage early that hurt us too much for the rest of the day.”

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