Sunoco “Road to Wheatland” Awards Top-15 in Chase for the Championship

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

The Sunoco “Road to Wheatland” bonus program awarded the top fifteen drivers who maintained perfect attendance through the Show-Me 100. The Sunoco “Road to Wheatland” program has been a long-standing cash bonus program paid to drivers that follow the series and maintain perfect attendance.

Drivers that have maintained perfect attendance at all Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series sanctioned events through the Show-Me 100 received an additional cash bonus based on their position in the championship point standings. The championship point leader following Saturday’s Show-Me 100 main event will receive a $2,500 bonus from a total of $16,000 in bonuses paid out to the top fifteen drivers in the standings.

Rick Thornton Jr. earned $2,500 from a total of $16,000 paid out to the top fifteen drivers in the championship standings following Saturday’s Show-Me 100 main event. Second through fifteenth (with perfect attendance) in the championship standings are Jonathan Davenport, Devin Moran, Hudson O’Neal, Mike Marlar, Tim McCreadie, Garrett Alberson, Daulton Wilson, Jimmy Owens, Max Blair, Ross Robinson, Clay Harris, Drake Troutman, Boom Briggs, and Brenden Smith.

The Sunoco “Road to Wheatland” is the first of four bonus rounds in the Big River Steel Chase for the Championship – Presented by ARP, recognizing the top fifteen drivers as they chase the over $1,000,000 point fund. In 2024, the round-by-round format will continue to award teams cash prizes at four different intervals throughout the season. However, bonus points will not be awarded after each round.

Sunoco Road to Wheatland Purse: 1. $2,500, 2. $1,500, 3. $1,500, 4. $1,500, 5. $1,500, 6. $1,000, 7. $1,000, 8. $1,000, 9. $1,000, 10. $1,000, 11. $500, 12. $500, 13. $500, 14. $500, 15. $500 = $16,000

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