Transcripts: Martin Truex Jr. – Pit Road Interview – Dover

LAT Images #19: Martin Truex Jr, Joe Gibbs Racing, Bass Pro Shops Toyota Camry

Q. Martin, you come home in third place. Looked like you had the dominant car. We saw the damage to the nose. Was that the difference at the end?

MARTIN TRUEX JR.: I mean, at the end, yeah. In the middle of the race losing the lead was the difference maker. Just lost the lead to the 5 there. Once I got close to him, tried to start moving around, I got a little too tight. He was backing up. It just didn’t quite have what I needed to get by him. They all pounced on us and we lost control of the race. Then I got the nose damage.

Feel like we let one get away today. Had a really strong Bass Pro Camry. You can’t lose control of these races mid stage like that. The track changes, you get behind. 

Man, just stinks. Overall a good day. Just keep working on it.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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