Transcript: Chase Elliott – Frontstretch Interview – Texas

NKP #9: Chase Elliott, Hendrick Motorsports, Hooters Chevrolet Camaro

Q. Chase Elliott, the 42-race drought is over. You did everything just right. How does it feel?

CHASE ELLIOTT: Oh, man, couldn’t feel any better. First off, thanks to everybody that came out today. You guys are unbelievable.

Hooter’s has been a partner of ours for a number of years now. It’s been a dream of mine to pay respect to the late Alan Kulwicki. Driving this car to a victory and do a Polish victory lap, just really crazy how things came full circle there in that moment. It was pretty emotional for me. He beat dad back in the day. Here we are sharing his sponsor and having an opportunity to win today.

So just, man, couldn’t be more grateful for this journey and kind of the path that hasn’t always been fun, but certainly have enjoyed working with our guys. We’ve been working really hard and really well together. Like I said, hasn’t always been fun, but we’ve enjoyed the fight together. 

Q. You mentioned you have been fighting together. Today it was a fight on the racetrack. That race looked like it was crazy to drive. How intense was it on the track?

CHASE ELLIOTT: It was just crazy. This place is so sketchy. I haven’t seen a replay of Denny and us. I didn’t feel like I did anything super crazy there any more than anybody’s ever done to me. Just had to run forward. I want to look at it. I didn’t feel like I did anything to crash him. I think just the circumstances. But nonetheless, apologies to him if so.

Couldn’t be more proud of our team. Thanks to our partners at NAPA, Chevrolet. Everybody at Hendrick Motorsports. Had a big week last week. Boss, thank you for sticking with me. Really, really proud of this. Appreciate all the folks back home that have stuck with me and helped us get back on track. 

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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