What’s new in EuroNASCAR in 2024

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Bart Dehaese

A series of changes will be implemented for the 2024 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season, which starts on April 13-14 with the NASCAR GP Spain at Circuit Ricardo Tormo. EuroNASCAR Management Group is continuing their work to provide the best product possible both on and off the track and these changes aim to not only increase the level of excitement for the fans, but also to provide the drivers and teams with new challenges and an even better Pure Racing experience.

What is in store to the fans and competitors for the 2024 season?

Safety-car laps to be added back to the race distance

In a continuous effort to give fans and competitors the best “Pure Racing” experience and entertainment, EuroNASCAR will have the option to increase the race length by the number of full laps completed behind the Safety Car. An 18-lap race with three laps under Safety Car condition would thus become a 21-lap race. A time limit has also been added to the races: 45 minutes +1 lap for EuroNASCAR PRO and 40 minutes + 1 lap for EuroNASCAR 2.

Oval racing is back!

With the calendar expanding to seven events, oval racing will make a grand comeback in EuroNASCAR on June 29-30 at Raceway Venray. The Dutch half-mile will host the NASCAR GP Netherlands for the first time since 2019 and the event will count as one round for each championship. The format of the races will be announced in due course.

Two Playoff events

The final part of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season will be even more thrilling. Two rounds will host the double-points playoff events: Oschersleben and Zolder. Four races for each championship will award double points and make any mistake even more costly. At the same time, huge comebacks will be possible for those performing at their best in crunch times.

A new format for the Teams Championship

The Teams Championship will get a complete revamp with the introduction of the Endurance Teams Championship, in which each driver will have an even bigger impact towards the team’s success. The classification will sum laps and race time of each car in each of the four races of the weekend to reward the car that will have completed the most laps in the shortest amount of time. No result will be dropped, therefore a balanced line-up and a never-give-up attitude will definitely make a difference.

Two Flying laps in Superpole

EuroNASCAR PRO Superpole procedures and length will be fine tuned to allow each of the ten qualified drivers one warm-up lap, two flying laps and one cool-down lap. As in previous seasons, the order of the cars leaving the pit lane in Superpole will be determined by the fastest laps set in Qualifying.

New technical package

Already one of the best and most versatile race cars on the market, the EuroNASCAR car will receive a technical evolution package as previously announced. New optional rear springs and new mandatory front spindles will make the car even more nimble and agile in the corners, while hood louvres and a new roof vent will improve heat management both in the engine compartment and in the cockpit. Finally, a new speed limiter has been implemented and will be used in FCY procedures and in the pit lane.

Drivers grading system confirmed

The system to categorise drivers for Trophy assignment has been introduced in 2023 and confirmed for 2024. Drivers are divided in Grade A, B and C based on, among other criteria, their FIA rank, their performance in the past five seasons and their results in NASCAR competitions, with Grade A being the highest level for a competitor. Grade A drivers are eligible for the EuroNASCAR PRO overall classification and the Junior Trophy, Grade B drivers can additionally take part in the EuroNASCAR 2, Rookie Trophy and Lady Trophy. Grade C drivers can additionally join the Challenger Trophy and the Legend Trophy.

All races from the 2024 season will be broadcast live on the EuroNASCAR YouTube channel and on numerous TV channels around the world.


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