Majeski’s Runner-Up Finish Leads Ford Trucks at Martinsville

NKP #98: Ty Majeski, ThorSport Racing, Soda Sense/Curb Records Ford F-150


2nd – Ty Majeski

12th – Matt Crafton

14th – Ben Rhodes

15th – Layne Riggs

21st – Jake Garcia

28th – Stephen Mallozzi

30th – Cam Waters

31st – Lawless Alan

TY MAJESKI, No. 98 Soda Sense/Curb Records Ford F-150 (Finished 2nd)

THOSE LAST TWO RESTARTS SEEMED TO GET AWAY FROM YOU, WHAT HAPPENED? “Yeah, I think we had a good strategy. If it goes green one of those first two yellows we probably win the race. I am super proud of our Soda Sense team. I just couldn’t launch on restarts all night. We think we know what it was. We can fix it. I need to be better too at figuring out what to do differently there. I tried switching up gears and speeds and couldn’t get anything to work. Overall, I think the 19 was a little better than us and he had better tires at the end. If we could have kept the lead there I don’t know that he would have been able to get by us. I am obviously disappointed. I wanted that grandfather clock but all you can ask for is a shot at the end.”

CAM WATERS, No. 66 Tradie Ford F-150 (Retired due to accident on lap 176)

WHAT DO YOU TAKE AWAY FROM YOUR FIRST NASCAR EXPERIENCE? “I had so much fun tonight and all day today. It is totally different racing from what I usually do and I just wanted to learn. I learned so much. There at the end I just had nowhere to go and knocked the radiator out of it. It is a shame but I was having fun and learning and had some awesome battles too.”

WHAT DID YOU LEARN THE MOST? “Just the racing is so robust. Everyone is into each other. There is still a bit of respect there. It’s totally different from what we do in Australia. I love it. You can bump a little and give some back a little without putting someone in. That was probably the biggest thing.”

IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO RUN AT KANSAS: “At the moment, it is only tonight. I have a pretty busy schedule with Supercars and I just wanted to get through tonight and see where we were at. We will  look at a calendar and see what we can do from here.”

YOU ASKED ON THE RADIO IF THIS WAS WHEN EVERYONE WAS GOING TO START TO LOSE THEIR MINDS, IS THIS WHAT YOU WERE EXPECTING TONIGHT? “I didn’t really have any expectations. I have watched a lot of races and knew it was going to be pretty crazy. Shane and Marcos Ambrose told me it was going to be wild out there and even all the drivers when I got here said the same thing. It was definitely wild, but I loved it. It was a lot of fun. Everyone was kind of into each other a bit and the racing is pretty hard.”

YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO DO THIS FULL-TIME AND THAT THIS WAS A DREAM FOR YOU. DID THIS WEEKEND CONFIRM THAT DREAM FOR YOU? “Yeah, I love oval racing and do a lot of dirt stuff at home. I always watch NASCAR and this is my first proper taste of it to see if I like it or not, and honestly I love it. I still have unfinished business back in Australia and I have an amazing team there that I have been trying to win a championship with so I will go back home and win some races in Aussie and see if we can get back here again.”

HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH PIT STOPS? “The pit stops are cool. They are a lot different than Australia. The pit road speed was probably the biggest thing just trying to stay in the white and the guys coming over the wall was new to me as well, but it was good.”

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU WILL BE MORE AGGRESSIVE AT KANSAS? “Well, I don’t even know if I am doing Kansas. Literally, tonight is the first and only race that we have planned to be honest. I just wanted to get through tonight. I have stuff to focus on in Supercars. We will look at the schedule and see if there are any other things we can do but we will have to wait and see.”

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