Tulip Joins RFK TeK Alliance

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Tulip, a leader in frontline operations, has joined the RFK TeK Alliance and will assist RFK Racing in the areas of car assembly, equipment and work environments.

“Tulip and RFK Racing are natural partners because of our focus on supporting frontline teams, belief in using data and technology to continuously improve quality, and commitment to advancing manufacturing,” said Madilynn Angel, Head of Marketing at Tulip. “We are looking forward to supporting the RFK Racing team as a TeK Alliance partner for a successful 2024 Cup Series season.”

Tulip is at the forefront of Industry 4.0, designed with the frontline worker in mind. Their platform will allow for the automation of workflows at the frontline of car assembly, and the creation of a connected worker environment.

Tulip will assist in centralizing data collection, making RFK’s legacy systems redundant. Their services will allow for agile development and continuous improvement, and to complete the genealogy and traceability of parts and equipment.

“We’re thrilled to have Tulip on board as part of the RFK TeK Alliance, assisting our team in a multitude of areas,” said Kevin Kidd, Director of Software and Analytics, RFK Racing. “From the moment that we first discovered Tulip, it was obvious that their technology would enable us to address process issues at the shop and racetrack, where legacy systems have fallen short. The empowerment of the frontline operator is a concept that we are passionate about. Furthermore, the agility at which we can develop in Tulip matches nicely with the pace that is demanded in motorsport. We thank Tulip for their dedication to our effort in being the premier ‘Tech’ team in NASCAR.”

About Tulip
Tulip, a leader in frontline operations, is helping companies of all sizes and across industries, including complex manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, equip their workforce with connected apps—leading to higher quality work, improved efficiency, and end-to-end traceability across operations. A spinoff out of MIT, the company is headquartered in Somerville, MA, with offices in Germany and Hungary. Learn more about Tulip by visiting tulip.co

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