TeamFJ announces 2024 evo package for the EuroNASCAR car 

Credits: Richard Purvis @rjpphotographyuk

Already the best touring car series in Europe, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series always strives to improve and offer the best possible product for the teams, drivers and fans. After conducting over 1.500 Km of tests in the offseason, EuroNASCAR Management Group announced an evo upgrade package for the EuroNASCAR car designed to improve the drivability and comfort of the 400 hp V8 beast that so much fascinates all kinds of drivers with it’s “pure racing” character and the complete absence of electronic driving aids.

So what are the new components that were tested and approved for NWES, starting from the season opener at Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain?

The front spindles have been modified to provide a better steering geometry angle and turning potential for the powerful EuroNASCAR car. In addition, new three-point caliper brackets have been added to provide a stronger fit for the front  brake calipers. These changes are designed to improve handling and on-track action.

A new rear spring package for the suspension rounds out the handling upgrades, making the car even more versatile to drive and providing more traction exiting the corners.

To further extend the life of the powerful and durable engines, series partner Kennol Oil will provide Ultimate 20W60 oil for all V8 engines.

High summer temperatures – particularly in Italy in 2023 – prompted EuroNASCAR technical staff to work on better cooling inside the car. A new rally-inspired carbon fiber roof vent will be added to provide cooling and fresh air inside the cockpit. In addition, a new set of hood louvers has been developed to extract heat from the engine compartment, benefiting both the engine and the brakes. These new components will improve driver comfort and performance consistency in conditions of high temperatures.

“We always put the best efforts into making our EuroNASCAR product bigger and better every year, both for the competitors and the fans. I am confident that with this evolution package we will hit a new high for NASCAR in Europe,” said NWES President – CEO Jerome Galpin. “The EuroNASCAR car is already one of the most versatile and beloved race cars in the world. It has a unique, unfiltered character, it is fun to drive for every kind of driver – from world champions to absolute beginners, as the multiple selections for the Race of Champions testify – and it proved to be spectacular in every kind of environment and surface.”

“It contributes to a fantastic racing show all over Europe, it delivered on big tracks like Monza, Daytona and Spa as well as short exhibition circuits like the stadium tracks of the Race of Champions or the short oval of Tours Speedway, but we also successfully put it to test on dirt and snow, as well as spun it around in exhibitions like we did mid-January at the Autosport International Show. I don’t know any other car that can do this and always entertain the drivers and the fans.”

Safety is always the most important concern at a race track. As such, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series is looking to provide the safest possible place to work for teams, drivers, officials, marshals and accredited personnel in the paddock, pit lane and at the track. A new rev-limiter system with two settings will help drivers to better control speed limits in pit lane and on track during Full Course Yellow situations.

As it is the case in multiple series, the EuroNASCAR Ford Mustang will also get a facelift for the 2024 NWES season. The Dark Horse Mustang will also be seen on the European NASCAR tracks. This new look of the car has already been unveiled at the Autosport International in Birmingham, UK mid-January 2024.

All teams and drivers are now preparing themselves for the 16th season of the official European NASCAR Championship which will kick off on April 13-14 in Valencia, Spain at the mythic Circuit Ricardo Tormo. All races will be broadcast live on the EuroNASCAR YouTube channel.


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