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Constructor, a leader in advanced scientific research and innovative Machine Intelligence (MI), has joined the RFK TeK Alliance and will bolster the team’s efforts in the areas of pit stop and race analytics.

“It is a cliché to say that every second matters in racing, but now more than ever, racing teams realize that the next wave of meaningful performance gains and lap time decrease will come from using software and cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Intelligence and Computer Vision,” said Zeca Carvalho, Chief Growth Officer, Constructor Sports Tech. “It is an immense honor to partner with RFK and work together to materialize that vision sooner.”

To assist in pit stop analysis, Constructor will utilize Machine Intelligence (MI) to provide real-time insights and generate reports on the go to streamline data analysis processes. With the help of MI, every pit stop will be thoroughly analyzed, which will uncover areas for improvement and the adjustment of tactics on track.

Additionally, Constructor will assist RFK with real-time updates regarding on-track activity by closely tracking competitors’ performance. Video analytics within the MI-assistant will support race engineers during events and provide them with real-time insights and proactive predictions of the current situation on track.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Constructor, who will assist us in multiple areas as part of the RFK TeK Alliance,” said Steve Newmark, President, RFK Racing. “It is no secret that our sport is driven by advanced technologies to a greater extent than ever before, and having Constructor’s data and race analysis products will certainly assist our team members in making the best decisions and excelling both at the track and in the shop.”

About Constructor
Constructor is an all-in-one platform for education and research. With expertise in machine intelligence and data science, Constructor is built to cater to the needs of schools, higher education, corporate training, alternative credentials, and professional sports, offering solutions for teaching and administration, learning, and research. From infrastructure to applications, Constructor elevates learning experiences, empowers educators, and drives research breakthroughs. Constructor Sports Tech helps sports team improve performance and efficiency using latest research and cutting edge technologies. Learn more at

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