French youngster Thomas Dombrowski returns to Race Planet Team Bleekemolen

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Nina Weinbrenner

2023 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Rookie Trophy contender Thomas Dombrowski will be back with Race Planet Team Bleekemolen for the 2024 season. The Paris native will once again do double duty by competing in both EuroNASCAR PRO and EuroNASCAR 2. The 22-year-old will take the wheel of the #66 car and compete for the Junior Trophy in EuroNASCAR PRO, the elite division of Europe’s official NASCAR championship. The car will be prepared and entered by Sebastiaan Bleekemolen’s Race Planet team from the Netherlands.

Dombrowski got off to a strong start in 2023, winning five of six races in the EuroNASCAR 2 Rookie Trophy, but fell just short of the title by 21 points to Jack Davidson. The Frenchman finished ninth overall, a top-10 result in his first outing in NWES’ most unpredictable championship. The youngster also made his debut in EuroNASCAR PRO, competing in four of six events against the best European NASCAR drivers. His 13th-place finish at Oschersleben, Germany, was the best EuroNASCAR PRO result of his career to date.

“EuroNASCAR offers a brilliant feeling in the car, an unparalleled challenge on the track and a very demanding level of competition,” said Dombrowski of his return to the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. “The atmosphere and the tens of thousands of fans make this championship so special. In 2024, I want to finish in the top-3 overall and have a shot at the Junior Trophy. I really enjoy the grid walks with tons of fans surrounding us and the pressure that builds up before a race, it’s something really special.” Race Planet’s team boss Bleekemolen adds: “We’re very pleased to have him on board and I’m sure he will impress everybody this year if you look at the progress he made so far.”

At Circuit Zolder, home of the EuroNASCAR Finals, Dombrowski scored the best qualifying result of his career, a fifth-place finish in the woods of Limburg. “That was one of the best moments, but then unfortunately I got penalized in the race,” he said. Working in military aviation in his day job, Dombrowski has a good knowledge of technical solutions, so he wants to step up his game in the 2024 season. Another goal is to make EuroNASCAR more popular in France, where the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series has its roots and base.

Dombrowski is one of the drivers who began his NWES career by participating in the Drivers Recruitment Program, which takes place at the Circuits de Vendee in Fontenay Le Comte, France. The 2024 edition of the DRP will take place on February 29 and March 1, giving interested drivers another chance to join the series and win scholarships for the upcoming season. After a year of Pure Racing, Dombrowski has established himself in the competition, taming the raw 400hp V8 monsters with H-pattern shifts and no electric driving aids. All races of the 2024 season will be broadcast live on EuroNASCAR’s YouTube channel and on numerous television networks around the world.


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