Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum Race Format 


The details of the format: 

  • Heat Race Starting Lineup – The field will be spilt into (3) practice groups, with each group receiving (3) sessions. Each competitor’s fastest lap time from their final practice session will determine the starting lineup for the heat races.
  • Heat Races – Four heat races of 25 laps each with only green flag laps counted – no overtime in play. The top five from each heat race advance through to The Clash. 
  • Last Chance Qualifier – Cars that do not transfer to The Clash will compete in the Last Chance Qualifier Race with their starting position determined by where they finished in their respective heat races. The LCQ race is 75 laps with only green flag laps counted – no overtime in play. The top two finishers in the LCQ will transfer to The Clash.
  • Feature – The main event will feature 23 drivers competing for 150 laps with only green lag laps counted – the race must end under green. A timed break will be observed at the halfway point of the race (Lap 75).
    • Lineup: The first 22 starting spots for The Clash is set through finishing positions in the heat races and the LCQ. The 23rd and final starting spot is reserved for the driver who finished the highest in the 2023 season driver points standings who did not already transfer into The Clash.


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