DSR Performance Launches New Line of Schumacher Crate Engines

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 DSR Performance, founded as the performance aftermarket division of the multi-time championship-winning race team Don Schumacher Racing, is excited to introduce the all-new Schumacher Crate Engine Series. The latest Schumacher Crate Engine Series offers the unmatched performance and driving experience that restomod and modern performance enthusiasts have come to expect in a DSR Performance-crafted GEN III engine, but with increased horsepower, enhanced durability, and ease of use. This premium line of crate engines is engineered, machined, and built in-house at DSR Performance’s headquarters in Brownsburg, Ind.

The new line of Schumacher crate engines launches with the Schumacher SC, a supercharged 426 cubic inch GEN III crate engine, and the Schumacher LB, a 426 cubic inch GEN III long block. The Schumacher SC produces a staggering horsepower range between 1200 and 1300 HP (subject to calibration) and is 93 octane pump gas and E85 fuel-friendly. The Schumacher LB, the long block version of the SC, includes oil pan to valve cover. The Schumacher SC and Schumacher LB were unveiled Friday, Dec. 8 at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indianapolis. The new product line can also be viewed online.

We set out to develop an engine line that was fundamentally better than any product on the market and carry the weight of the coveted Schumacher name. The team has successfully created a new standard in the industry that delivers an incredible driving experience,” said Chad Osier, President, DSR Performance.

Each engine is meticulously crafted and mechanically dyno-validated using a Superflow SF-Powermark to ensure reliable durability. The Schumacher Crate Engine Series successfully blends performance with drivability, providing enthusiasts with the perfect combination of boulevard cruising and raw V8 power.

DSR Performance has also developed and validated performance upgrades for both Schumacher Series engines and 6.2L OEM platform, including CNC ported cylinder heads, ported supercharger, and billet crankshaft.

The Schumacher SC and Schumacher LB engines are built to the following specs:

  • 426 Cubic Inch GEN III |10:1 comp. Ratio
  • Supercharged- New gen 3.0L Whipple
  • Custom Ground Bullet Cam
  • Custom Forged CP Carrillo Pistons
  • Total Seal performance Rings
  • Callies Forged Crank & H-Beam rods
  • Billet Valve Covers by DSR Performance
  • Billet Main Caps
  • Individually flowed 1200 CC injectors
  • Rocker Shaft Stabilizers
  • Manton Performance Push Rods
  • ARP Head studs, Main studs, front cover & valve cover fasteners

To enhance the user experience, DSR Performance has eliminated the hassle and mystery of high-performance engine swaps by launching its new “Seamless Swap” buying tool. The DSR Performance Seamless Swap tool customizes the engine configuration and accessories based on the individual vehicle, eliminating the guessing game and challenges commonly experienced in swaps. For dealers, the Seamless Swap tool means no more parts surprises, harvesting parts from other engines, or wasting valuable and costly shop time. All modern 6.2L GEN III and most restomod vehicles are supported.

It is recommended that customers work with a DSR Performance authorized dealer for complete installation and calibration. Dealers are meticulously vetted and selected based on their experience, craftsmanship, and customer service. Interested shops can apply to become a dealer via the DSR Performance website.

Enthusiasts can learn more about the Schumacher Crate Engine Series and authorized dealer network by visiting DSRPerformance.com. Orders can be placed through the DSR Performance website or from an authorized dealer. Ordering is now available with shipping slated to begin in early 2024.

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