NASCAR Transcripts: Christopher Bell Frontstretch Interview Homestead

NKP #20: Christopher Bell, Joe Gibbs Racing, Rheem / Watts Toyota Camry

Q. Christopher Bell delivers today at Miami. How in the world did you and Adam Stevens take a car that was about to go a lap down and turn it into a winning race car?

CHRISTOPHER BELL: I’ve got the best team behind me. Honestly, I don’t know, man. That race was a whirlwind. I was ready to throw the towel in there in the second stage. I got frustrated on the radio.

Adam kept after it. Adam, Tyler, William, the guys back at the shop were working over the adjustments and gave me what I needed. Whenever we got some clean air, this thing was really good.

I cannot say how proud I am to be here with our partners, with Rheem and DeWalt, driving these Toyota Camrys. I’ve been with Toyota since day one.

Thank you, everyone, that’s supported me. This is better than a dream come true.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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