BJ McLeod Announces His Official Partnership with Affliction

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Affliction officially welcomes professional Nascar Cup Series driver BJ McLeod to the team. This clothing company has made themselves known by striving to create “the most unique clothing in the world”. After giving BJ a tour around the headquarters, Affliction realized BJ would be the perfect addition.

“We had the opportunity to show BJ around the Affliction headquarters and we quickly realized how big of a supporter of the brand he is,” said the Affliction Team. “We are excited to have BJ represent the LIVE FAST lifestyle and we can’t wait to show all of the exciting projects we have lined up with BJ and his team.”

BJ McLeod, who pilots the #78 Chevy Camaro in the NASCAR Cup Series, has been a proud supporter of this brand for quite some time. As a driver who embraces his own style, he can normally be found in a backwards hat, Affliction clothing, and an epic pair of spiked boots.

“I’ve been wearing Affliction clothing for almost two decades so seeing this partnership come to life is a dream come true,” said NASCAR Cup Series Driver BJ McLeod. “The Affliction brand stands for passion and drive and I know when it comes to racing and being a business owner you need a lot of both.” 

We are super excited to see where this partnership with Affliction will lead. Stay tuned for more info and announcements as we take Affliction Clothing to the next level.

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