Transcript: Martin Truex Jr. Dover Winner

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Q. For the fourth time at Dover, and now for the first time in 54 races, you are a winner again. How does it feel?

MARTIN TRUEX JR: Man, it feels incredible. It felt like we’ve been close a bunch of times, and we gave some away, that’s for sure. Thought today, man, late caution, what’s going to happen here. But just a great call by James to take two and then was able to get a pretty good restart and get Blaney there. He raced me hard but clean.

I’m out of breath, I’m breathing so much Goodyear rubber. Thanks to everybody that stuck with us, all our fans, Bass Pro Shops, Auto Owners, Reser’s, Toyota, TRD, all my personal sponsors.

We know we could do this. We’ve showed it. We’ve led laps. We’ve dominated races, and it just would never all come together. I kept saying that we’ve got to just keep doing what we’re doing and not overthink it.

Tough day today with a few pit stops early and then obviously the guys got it going at the end, so really psyched and happy for everybody. Just thanks to everybody at JGR, as well. Awesome job.

Q. Truex brothers sweep the weekend. Your brother Ryan won on Saturday, you win today. Your whole family has been here all weekend long. How much does that add to this moment?

MARTIN TRUEX JR: Yeah, it’s just special. This is a special place. It was such a big day for our family to see Ryan do that on Saturday. He’s worked so hard for so long to get good opportunities, and it was awesome to see him take advantage of that.

For us, we’ve given away a few here over the years, and it feels nice to get one to come around our way for once. So just excited, and this thing was a hotrod, just had to get it up front.

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