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Keith McGee avoided a lot of flips, crashes and mayhem to take the checkered flag and win the thrilling Danger Ranger on Dirt Saturday at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Event host and YouTube sensation Cleetus McFarland presented the trophy and a brand-new bass boat to the former NASCAR Truck Series racer McGee in Bristol Motor Speedway’s victory lane for claiming the hard-earned victory.

Earlier in the evening McFarland congratulated Iowa native Brad Chandler for winning the Midwest Compacts feature race.

“Man that was so much fun,” said Alaska native McGee, who now lives is Mooresville, N.C. “This is now the most fun I’ve ever had in a race car. I told Derek Bieri (team owner of Vice Grip Garage) this afternoon that we were going to win a boat tonight, and we did it.”

McGee said his strategy for the race was to hang back and let any and all crashes develop in front of him. 

“We were going to play it safe and stay in back and avoid the wrecks,” McGee said. “But then I knew I needed to get to the front. I felt like I drove through a lot of crashes.”

With 15 laps to go there were 19 trucks still in the race of the 30 that took the green flag and for a while it looked like Kameron McConchie was going to win but McGee kept charging. He eventually overtook McConchie with one lap to go.  

The carnage that took place in the Danger Ranger was crazy even for Bristol standards.

A spectacular four-truck pileup on the opening lap of the race set the tone right from the start. Kyle English’s green and yellow No. 33 went out of control and made an abrupt turn on the backstretch into oncoming traffic and was slammed by several trucks, including the 69x of Flan Bental. A trio of trucks were turned on their sides and had to exit the race with excessive damage.

Tyler Hewett’s truck then overturned between turns three and four on the second lap to bring out the second caution and officially let everyone in attendance know that the ‘danger’ was real.

With 41 laps to go, there was another flipped truck as the No. 78 of Kevin Smith rolled. Meanwhile, Cleetus McFarland’s truck had to pull to the side of the track as it started smoking heavily from underneath the hood. His lost engine spewed oil all over the track and several trucks lost traction and were slipping and sliding behind him.

As he walked away from his truck and saw the black oil trail the BMS crowd gave Cleetus a loud “You’re Done!” yell.

“My motor blew out of my Ranger, but are you not entertained?” McFarland asked the large crowd gathered at BMS. “This was not meant to be this entertaining, and three rollovers was not supposed to happen this early. We have a lot of racing left. Hopefully we won’t have too many more crashes. It’s entertaining as hell, that’s all I can say.”

The final big rollover during the race came along the frontstretch as Ronnie Lester’s truck got loose out of turn four and did three barrell rolls, eventually landing onto the wall right at the start/finish line.

Jeffrey Bloch finished third and was followed by Evann Renslow and Nate Prater in the top five of the Danger Ranger on Dirt.

In the Midwest Compacts All-Star race, Brad Chandler of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, used a last-lap charge and passed race long leader Aaron Tatman in turn four, to take the victory.

Tatman led 29 laps of the race and was putting on a clinic in his No. 9 compact before the hard-charging Chandler powered through and edged him out by a half-a-car length as the checkered flag waved.

“I was ready to do a little rubbing if I had to with it all on the line,” Chandler told McFarland during his Victory Lane interview.  “This means a lot to me, it’s probably one of the last races I will run. I’ve run here three or four times on concrete and dirt, so it feels good to finally get a win here.”

In the compacts race, McFarland got caught up in a crash early in the race on lap two and had to park the car after his crew tried to work on the car.
Early race leader Josh Barnes in the No. 13 appeared to have the car to beat but got caught up in a crash near the middle of the race as he and Tatman battled for the lead. Barnes eventually finished 15th.

Ryan Crocker finished third, Ashley Bell fourth and Wayne Buckner completed the top five in the Midwest Compacts race.
Danger Ranger on Dirt
Bristol Motor Speedway
Final Results, 40-lap feature

  1. Keith McGee
  2. Kameron McConchie
  3. Jeffrey Bloch
  4. Evann Renslow
  5. Nate Prater
  6. Uncle Chet
  7. Drew Jackson
  8. Kerek Madison
  9. LS George
  10. Zack Walker
  11. Tye Braun
  12. Sean Chojnocki
  13. Jackstand Jimmy
  14. Brock Sweeter
  15. Amanda Weatherwax
  16. JH Diesel
  17. Clint Lowes
  18. Chad Lower
  19. Scott Gates
  20. Ronnie Lester
  21. Kevin Wallace
  22. Brett Lasala
  23. Carl Amato
  24. Simon Egan
  25. Cleetus McFarland
  26. Kevin Smith
  27. Tyler Hewett
  28. Tyler Schmeltzle
  29. Logan Sibley
  30. Kyle English
  31. Flan Bental

Midwest Compacts
All-Star Invitational
Bristol Motor Speedway
Final Results, 30-lap Feature

  1. Brad Chandler
  2. Aaron Tatman
  3. Ryan Crocker
  4. Ashley Bell
  5. Wayne Buckner
  6. Nick Jenema
  7. Nick Williams
  8. Don Rufener III
  9. Will Slaughter
  10. Ryan Hufford
  11. Bruce Foulk
  12. Josh Lank Jr.
  13. Greg Marlow
  14. Jay Orr
  15. Josh Barnes
  16. Mike Currier
  17. Devon Dixon
  18. Shawn Grabinger
  19. Dave Smoot
  20. Jason Jones
  21. Hunter Hollis
  22. Colin Preston
  23. Jessie Yopp
  24. LJ Crain
  25. Allen Hite
  26. Dan Smith
  27. Ryan Hamm
  28. Dan Rigoni
  29. Devin Jones
  30. Scott Rich
  31. Chace Willard
  32. Josh Lank
  33. Cleetus McFarland
  34. Ethan Hite
  35. Chris Carter
  36. Anthony Wood
  37. Chris McCrimmon


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