Transcript: Tyler Reddick – Pit Road – Bristol Dirt

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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Tyler Reddick

Q. Tyler, what was the battle like with Christopher Bell?

TYLER REDDICK: It was a lot of fun honestly. Really intense. Yeah, towards the end there definitely feel like I had a little bit more. I thought I had the edge, but I wasn’t quite there in the last couple laps. Definitely found it. 

Just hate it for everybody on this Sirius XM Toyota Camry TRD. Just needed to be a little bit closer than I was. I think with two to go, it would have been really bold to try to make that move work. 

Obviously on the white flag coming into three and fewer, I was going to see. We will never know if it worked. But still a good rebound for us. 

Definitely thought the track was going to take a a different direction than it did as the race unfolded. Just as it turned out our strategy wasn’t the best. 

That was on me. 

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