Transcript: Chase Briscoe – Pit Road – Bristol Dirt

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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Chase Briscoe

Q. Chase, coming home fifth. Battling at the end of the race, battling the broken finger. What more did you need tonight?

CHASE BRISCOE: I don’t know. I just needed a little bit more on the top. I felt like I was okay. I just wasn’t quite as good. I thought the 45 was definitely probably the best. The 20, I felt like I could kind of pace him, but it was going to be nearly impossible to pass him. 

There were a couple times I was close in one and two. I feel like I had my hands tied the whole time. I needed to be a little bit more better. 

Overall a awesome day for our Magical Vacations Planners Ford. Really cool paint scheme. They had 500 other (indiscernible) on the car. A lot of smiling faces on the car. Wish we could have had them all smiling in Victory Lane. 

Nevertheless overall a good solid points night for us, which is something we haven’t had all season long. 

Wish we could have got the win. I thought it was an awesome race. I hope the fans thought it was, too. That was I felt like more of a dirt race than we have had in the year. 

Had a lot of fun in the car. Hopefully my finger will feel good tomorrow. 

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