Statement from Roger Penske on Passing of Lucy Foyt

Tim Disspain | Pit Stop Radio News

A statement from Roger Penske on the passing April 5 of Lucy Foyt, 84, wife of four-time Indianapolis 500 winner A.J. Foyt:

“I have known A.J. and Lucy Foyt nearly as long as I have been involved in racing. So much of A.J.’s racing success was rooted in the solid foundation of the love and support that Lucy provided for him throughout his career. Racing can be a tough business, and A.J. was not immune to the dangers drivers often face. It was Lucy who was always there to help A.J. navigate through the hard times and get him back to his winning ways. Most importantly, Lucy’s commitment to the Foyt family is her biggest legacy. Keeping the family connected allowed A.J. to focus on being one of the greatest race car drivers of all time. I truly believe that it would have been hard for A.J. to achieve all of his on-track success without Lucy. Our prayers and condolences are with A.J. and the entire Foyt family.”


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