FS1 to Air NASCAR RACE HUB Documentary on “World’s Fastest Woman on Wheels” Thursday at 6:00 PM ET

FOX Sports

During the turbulent ‘60s, the quest for women’s rights was invigorated. In motorsports, where names like Andretti and Petty transcended the racetrack, a lone woman emerged from their shadow – Paula Murphy. Fast, fearless and versatile – auto racing had never seen anyone like her. Dubbed the “World’s Fastest Woman on Wheels,” Murphy was more than a speed demon. When she hit the throttle, attitudes toward female drivers changed forever.

The one-hour documentary, executive-produced by FOX Sports’ Pam Miller and Lindsey Mandia with Cindy Sisson, is hosted by Jenny Taft with interviews including: Murphy, Hailie Deegan, Sarah Fisher, Jeff Gordon, Beth Paretta, Richard Petty, Lyn St. James, Andy Beckman, Doug Boles, John Force, Bruce Meyer, Dan Murphy, Louise Noeth and Rick Salvino.

See a preview HERE.


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