Bowman Gray Stadium’s Season Opener Postponed due to COVID Restrictions

Bowman Gray Stadium

On March 23, Governor Cooper 
announced the COVID-19 restrictions that will be in place for Bowman 
Gray Stadium and other large venues until April 30.

While the overall maximum capacity has been raised to 50%, Governor 
Cooper has also mandated that all spectators should remain seated and 
must have six feet of distance between groups.

Due to the nature of the bleacher seating at Bowman Gray Stadium, the 
mandated six feet of distance severely limits the amount of spectators 
who are able to be seated in accordance with these restrictions.

Although management has explored every feasible option within Bowman 
Gray Stadium, we have not been able to create a seating arrangement that 
allows us to seat even 20% of our maximum capacity.

An attendance this low is not economically feasible and would be 
disadvantageous to the city of Winston-Salem, concession vendors, and 
souvenir vendors – not to mention our valued track sponsors, car 
sponsors, racing competitors, and fans.

For this reason, we unfortunately are forced to postpone our pre-season 
practices and our season opening event originally scheduled for April.

We are hopeful that the COVID-19 situation improves and that health 
guidelines allow for the social distancing rules to be adjusted. We’re 
excited to go back racing once those guidelines do improve.

Bowman Gray Stadium PR

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