Toyota sweeps the top-five finishers in Las Vegas

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John Hunter Nemechek scored his first NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) victory for Kyle Busch Motorsports and Toyota on Friday evening at Las Vegas Motor Speedway as he becomes the 36th different driver to win in a Tundra. It is the seventh career Truck Series victory for Nemechek. For the fourth time in Toyota history, Nemechek led a Tundra sweep of the top-five finishing positions in this evening’s race (World Wide Technology Raceway – April 2006, Talladega Superspeedway – October 2009, Las Vegas Motor Speedway – September 2014).

Toyota Racing Post-Race Recap

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Race 3 of 23 – 134 Laps, 201 Miles















JOHN HUNTER NEMECHEK, No. 4 Mobil 1 Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports 

Finishing Position: 1st

You won the race and beat the boss. How was that finish for you?

“I just can’t thank everyone at Toyota, Jack Irving (TRD), Kyle Busch, Uncle Eric (Phillips, crew chief) for this opportunity. It means a lot to me. Mobil 1 on board, coming back to the Truck Series, that was the plan, that was the goal. We came into this year with the hashtag here for wins and we are here for wins. I definitely think experience paid off tonight. We did an amazing job. I can’t thank Fire Alarm Services, ROMCO, all of our partners for all of there help. Thank you fans for being here. It’s awesome to have you guys back. I can’t wait to go celebrate.”

Once you were clear, what were you thinking?

“He was faster than me in stage two, so I really didn’t know. It was all about using our truck to the best we could possibly do, wrapping the bottom and taking the dirty air away. He had to run up and it created more lap time for him. Overall, it was an awesome victory. I wish my wife Taylor was here. Thank you for all of the support, my family, everyone involved. She had to stay home because we are about to be on baby watch. It’s awesome.” 

What does it mean to get your first Truck Series win driving for Kyle Busch Motorsports?

“It’s an awesome day. The goal here for us was to come here and win. We’ve been close the last two weeks and we have fast race trucks. I can’t thank everyone enough – Jack Irving (TRD) from Toyota, Mobil 1, Fire Alarm Services, Kyle (Busch, team owner) for giving me this opportunity. The opportunity to come here and race in the Truck Series for Kyle Busch Motorsports is an amazing opportunity and we’re capitalizing on that. We want to be the dominant one this year and we want to win as many races as we can. It’s awesome to get it kicked off here in Vegas and beat the boss.”

How crazy were the restarts during the race?

“They definitely were. Overall, it was an amazing day. Our restarts were on point all day. Just a lot of fun and that’s all we can ask for. We’re here to have fun, we’re here for wins and we’re doing it.”

KYLE BUSCH, No. 51 Cessna Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports 

Finishing Position: 2nd

What was missing at the end of the race to contend with John Hunter Nemechek?

“We just didn’t have enough in our Cessna Tundra. They were a little bit better than us so not sure what differences they had. I was just really tight and really rough over the bumps, trying to get through the bumps. Looking at the splitter wear, it was really rough on the splitter and wearing through it. We were battling some little things, but overall our truck was still fast. It was cool to come home one-two.”

Having your team truck win, does that help take away the sting of not winning yourself?

“Certainly, it does. Anytime you finish second to a team truck, you know how good the equipment is and it’s nice to see the equipment getting full potential and running up front. I’m exciting to have John Hunter (Nemechek) this year. When we had the opportunity to talk last year and to bring him in and to have Eric Phillips (crew chief) back on board, that was going to be a winning combination I felt like and here we are already reaping the benefits. I hate I finished second obviously, I want to win, but as a team owner, I get paid the same whether they win or I win and it’s nothing so I’m all good.”

AUSTIN HILL, No. 16 Ibaraki Toyopet Toyota Tundra, Hattori Racing Enterprises 

Finishing Position: 3rd

What was missing to contend with the Kyle Busch Motorsports Tundras tonight?

“You can see right there, our left front (tire) is corded really bad. We had a good night. We finally got on the right track. Those first two races didn’t go the way we wanted them to so this is a good way to bounce back, but it always stings a little bit when you come to a place that you’ve had success at and you don’t get the job done. Scott (Zipadelli, crew chief) and everybody back at the shop, they did a really good job bringing a really fast Toyota Tundra. All in all, we just came up short tonight. We just got too tight when the tires started cording and started chattering the left front. Can’t thank everybody at Ibraraki Toyopet enough for coming on board. Everything that all these guys do in Japan for us is a really big deal with everything going on. It’s really cool to see that. We’ll bounce back and go to Atlanta, a place that we’ve had some good runs at as well and see if we can get the job done there as well.”

STEWART FRIESEN, No. 52 Halmar International Toyota Tundra, Halmar-Friesen Racing  

Finishing Position: 4th

What was missing at the end of the race for your team?

“We just lacked a little grip on the restarts. It was good and great night for the Halmar International group. Halmar has been awesome behind us and one of the best sponsors in the business. Thanks to Chris Larson and everybody at Halmar International, everybody at TRD (Toyota Racing Development) for the help. We were close with our Tundra. We’re back in the top-five racing. From where this team was a year ago to where we are is really awesome. Got some momentum, good points day and just lacked a little grip on the restarts.”

MATT CRAFTON, No. 88 Menards/Slim Jim Toyota Tundra, ThorSport Racing 

Finishing Position: 5th

Can you take us through your race tonight?

“Just the restarts killed me to be totally honest. I could get to the 16 (Austin Hill) there at the end. I could get to his bumper and I could push him for a second and then he would get out on me. We just didn’t have the two lap run speed that we needed. We needed some long green flag runs and I think we would have been a lot better off. This Menards Toyota Tundra, not too terrible. Just keep working on it. Atlanta, we’re going over there in a couple weeks and that’s my favorite race track that we go to on the circuit so really, really looking forward to that one.”

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