Toyota Racing – NXS Victory Lane Quotes – Ty Gibbs – 02.20.21

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TY GIBBS, No. 54 Monster Energy Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 1st

How do you describe your first NASCAR Xfinity Series victory?

“You know, I can’t thank everybody right now. This is like a dream come true to me. This is awesome, I can’t do burnouts, that’s one thing I cannot do at all. I just can’t thank everybody, this is just a dream come true to me. I really didn’t think I had it there. Kind of fought back and we won. Thank you to Monster Energy and everybody, I don’t even know what’s going on.”

What do you have to say to your family?

“The family is everything to me, they do so much for me. I just can’t thank them enough, this is just amazing; this is a dream come true. It’s all the man above, I’m sorry I’m a wreck I didn’t think this was going to happen at all. This is awesome, I can’t thank everybody enough watching and last week I had a terrible interview. I want to apologize for everybody, I just can’t thank everybody enough. This is just amazing.”

How do you capture this emotion in this moment?

“I don’t even know how to feel. This is really hard for me to explain. After my uncle passed away, it’s been hard for me. It’s just a dream come true. I’m just rambling. I’m excited. Mixed emotions for sure. This is just awesome.”

Can you talk about that last restart?

“I don’t even know how I kept going. It was the man above. He’s done everything for me. He put me in this great family and in this great situation in life. I feel like I had to earn a lot of respect tonight, and I don’t think I did a too good of a job. I hit the grass and kept on rolling. I have no words. I just won at Daytona.”

Last week, you weren’t too happy after the ARCA race here. Have your thoughts changed about Daytona?

“I just want to sorry to everyone for that. That was just a complete disgrace by me. I was just mad and rambling and just saying excuses and I have no excuses for this. I made mistakes all night, and I don’t know how I still won. This is just amazing.”

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