Gase to honor nearly 70 Hero’s and Messages of Thanks to Page Construction and Midwest Transplant Network At Kansas Speedway

Photo Credit Joey Gase Racing

This Sunday at Kansas Speedway you will see the Black and Green #51 car with the Page Construction and Midwest Transplant sponsorship and Hand Prints on the hood but if you look closely at these near 70 Hand Prints you will see much more than just Hand Prints, you will see the names of donor hero’s and messages of hope.

“I am extremely excited to be promoting both Kansas based organizations Page Construction and Midwest Transplant this weekend at Kansas” Said Gase. “I can’t thank Dave and everyone at Page Construction enough for letting do our Virtual Hand Prints of Hope with MTN this weekend, originally it Page Construction had the whole car to their selfs but was gracious enough to give up the Hood for a very important cause to me and so many others across the world.”

While COVID-19 social distancing measures will limit attendance, the racetrack has 48,000 permanent seats. This total would accommodate only 40% of those awaiting a lifesaving transplant nationwide. Almost 120,000 people across the county are waiting for the gift of life through transplantation; approximately 2,000 currently wait in Missouri and Kansas. Gase will race the Midwest Transplant Network (MTN)/Page Construction #51 car in honor of his mother and others touched by donation and transplantation.

In previous years, Midwest Transplant Network hosted a “Handprints of Hope” event at its Westwood headquarters, allowing recipients, donor families, and registered organ donors to sign and make handprints on Gase’s car. Due to COVID-19 public safety concerns, MTN altered plans.

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