Logano’s Second-Place Roval Finish Sends Him to Round of 8 In Nascar’s Postseason

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JOEY LOGANO, No. 22 Shell/Pennzoil Ford Mustang WITH ALL THAT WAS ON THE LINE TODAY IS THIS A DAY WHERE YOU JUST TAKE SECOND AND MOVE ONTO THE NEXT ROUND?  “Yeah, we won our league (laughing) because no one was beating that other car — the Chase Elliott and Alan and that whole 9 team.  They’re light years ahead of us when it comes to the road course, I mean everybody even their teammates.  I can’t really put my finger on it.  I got a good look of what it was and watched him cruise around not even trying and he would keep on driving away from me.  Overall, I’m proud of what our Shell/Pennzoil team did today.  We had to come in here and execute.  Obviously, there were plenty of crazy things that could have happened starting in the rain, going to slicks, stage points, trying to get ourselves in position.  Obviously, there were times that the 18 was in the spot and we were racing the 88 with only a couple points between us, so it was close, it was stressful, but I feel a lot better now and will be able to sleep well tonight and then fire away to try and get into that Championship 4.”

WHEN THE 18 WAS LEADING WHAT WAS THE PRESSURE LIKE?  “It’s life.  I learned a long time ago in this sport that pressure is a privilege.  That means you’re in the hunt.  That means you’ve got something going on.  If you have no pressure on you, it means you’re already out or you’re about to be out and you have nothing to lose.  I love that pressure.  I’ve learned to love it.  It’s not comfortable.  It’s not supposed to be comfortable, but it’s a good place to be and it’s nice when you’re able to succeed and get through it.  It only helps you years and years on as you keep putting yourself in those spots to keep doing that, and not just me, but the whole team.  Our pit crew was on it today.  Paul had a great strategy to keep us up there and some good restarts as well, so it worked out.”

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