Trevor Noles captures the win in the Super Late Model class of the Pinty’s U.S. Short Track Nationals at Bristol Motor Speedway

Photo Credit Bristol Motor Speedway

Trevor Noles raced to victory in the 100-lap Super Late Model feature Saturday at the Pinty’s U.S. Short Track Nationals at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Josh Brock (Pro Late Model), Brett Hudson (Street Stocks) and Tom Gossar (Compacts) also were feature winners in their categories at the fourth annual short track event at The Last Great Colosseum.

Noles, from Fuquay-Varina, N.C., earned his first BMS victory by holding off a determined charge from Greg Van Alst and defending winner Stephen Nasse to take the checkered flag.

“Four years in a row and haven’t been able to seal the deal and felt like this was my race to win,” Noles said.” I’ve run well here the last few years but didn’t have any luck. What a blessing to be in Victory Lane at Bristol Motor Speedway. My carburetor was falling off flat and had to clear it out on that final restart. I’m glad he raced me clean.

“It feels good. I’ve run all year and just haven’t been able to get the finish I would like. Can’t thank everybody enough. It’s a dream come true.”

Daniel Dye finished fourth in his No. 43 machine and was followed by pole-sitter Jake Garcia, who led a bunch of laps but had a tire change that sent him to the rear of the field in the final laps of the race. 

Corbin, Ky.’s Brock took an emotional victory in Pro Late Model. With two laps to go Brock powered past Charlie Keeven to take the white flag as the leader, then his No. 17 car was billowing a plume of white smoke as he made the final circuit with a pack of cars trailing in his wake.

Brock said a rear tire was rubbing in the final laps, causing the thick white smoke trail. Brock said he wasn’t about to lift. It was Brock’s second win of the season and first ever at Bristol after coming close several times over the years.

“You just never give up and you just keep on digging,” said Brock, wearing his signature cowboy hat in BMS Victory Lane. “We didn’t have the best car. This is what we dreamed about. I really wanted this win at Bristol and just never gave up. I just held it wide open; I knew I had a bad tire rub, but this is Bristol, baby, I was going to hold it wide open until something broke.”

A series of late race crashes opened the door for Brock to take the win. Former Bristol winner Cole Williams No. 46 car went out of control while trying to pass Charlie Keeven with 10 laps to go and fell off the pace. With 19 laps to go, Travis Braden and Mason Keller made contact while battling for the lead and Braden’s machine spun and made contact with the inside safer-barrier wall, ending his night. Braden, the JEGS CRA Series points leader, had charged to the front from the back of the field before the incident. Keller was sent to the rear of the field and his night ended in frustration several laps later as he crashed out of the race with two laps to go.

Keeven finished second and was followed by Williams, Dakota Stroup and Mandy Chick in the top five. Keller finished seventh and Braden was eighth.

In Street Stocks, Hudson broke Chuck Barnes Jr.’s strong hold at Bristol by holding off a hard-charging Chuck Barnes Sr. at the finish line. Barnes Jr. had won this race every season but had problems early tonight opening the door for a new winner. Hudson stepped in and took home the Gladiator trophy and BMS Gladiator Sword.

“This is awesome,” said Hudson, from Owensboro, Ky. “I hate to win it on Chuck Jr. breaking, but I’ve got the trophy right now and that’s what matters. Chuck Sr. gave me a good run for my money. We got together a few times on a couple of restarts and I’m not sure what that was. But he raced me clean at the end. It feels great. In those final laps I was thinking just keep it on the bottom and don’t miss my marks. It was really slick coming off two and that’s what beat me the first year. I just didn’t want to let another Barnes beat me. This should have been my third win here, but I’m just glad it finally worked out tonight.”

In the closing laps of the Street Stocks main Josh Sage and Skeeter Crum, who were running third and fourth at the time, tangled while battling to advance forward and tempers flared as crew members had words on pit road and had to be separated by track officials.

“We’ve worked hard this year and got wrecked with ten laps to go,” Sage said. “Now we’ve got a wrecked race car. We lost our mother this year and we dedicated this race to her. It’s tough that our night ended early while we were running up front.”

Jason Atkinson finished third behind Barnes Sr., and Andrew Teepe and Bubba Winslow rounded out the top five.

In Compacts, Gossar scored his second consecutive BMS Gladiator Sword and Trophy as he took the lead late in the race and never looked back.

“This is the best place in the world to be as a short track racer,” said Markleville, Ind.’s Gossar as he stood in BMS Victory Lane.

“Everybody was fast and we weren’t getting good restarts and thankfully on that last one we were able to get it done. Nobody was using the top and that was the key. It means a lot, this is the biggest race you can win as a short track racer and this is where we want to be standing.”

Jacob Albright finished second and was followed by Tim Cassidy, Gary Eaton Jr. and pole winner Bo Hoelscher in the top five.

In earlier qualifying heat races Ricky Weaver Jr. of Wrightsville, Pa. grabbed the victory in the 15-lap Compact C feature race, Roger Williams of St. Paul, Ind. took the checkered flag in the 25-lap Street Stock B feature and Dayton, Ohio’s B.J. Honious was the winner of the 20-lap Compact B feature.

* * *

The final finish order for all races is listed below.

Super Late Model 100-lap Feature

  1. Trevor Noles
  2. Greg Van Alst
  3. Stephen Nasse
  4. Daniel Dye
  5. Jake Garcia
  6. Logan Runyon
  7. Sammy Smith
  8. Justin Crider
  9. Austin Nason
  10. Kodie Conner
  11. Jeremy Pate
  12. Connor Okrzesik
  13. Matt Craig
  14. Josh Brock
  15. Cody Coughlin
  16. Michael Simko
  17. John Coffman
  18. TJ Duke
  19. Corey Heim
  20. Josh Todd
  21. Jeff Batten

Pro Late Model 100-lap Feature

  1. Josh Brock
  2. Charlie Keeven
  3. Cole Williams
  4. Dakota Stroup
  5. Mandy Chick
  6. Zachary Tinkle
  7. Mason Keller
  8. Travis Braden
  9. Trey Craig
  10. Trevor McCoy
  11. Cody Coughlin
  12. Brandon Oakley
  13. Stephen Nasse
  14. Chase Burda
  15. Terry Horak
  16. William Skaggs

Street Stock A 50-lap Feature

  1. Brett Hudson
  2. Chuck Barnes Sr
  3. Jason Atkinson
  4. Andrew Teepe
  5. Bubba Winslow
  6. Jeff Lane
  7. Brandon Roberts
  8. Josh Poore
  9. Brian Bayer
  10. Kenny Gibson
  11. Josh Way
  12. J.J. Schafer
  13. Ronnie Basham III
  14. Alan Williams, Jr
  15. Jamie Whitt
  16. Bill Ashton
  17. David Bayens
  18. Skeeter Crum
  19. Josh Sage
  20. Ryan Waterman
  21. Roger Williams
  22. Billy Williams
  23. Keith Bissinger
  24. Donald Byrns
  25. Troy Phillips
  26. Jeremie Wiggins
  27. Keven Eby
  28. Tony Conway
  29. Alex Ware
  30. Mike Todd
  31. Donny Ollie Jr.
  32. Mark Lushes
  33. Chuck Barnes Jr
  34. John Ambrose
  35. Curtis Peeples

Compacts A 50-lap Feature

  1. Tom Gossar
  2. Jacob Albright
  3. Tim Cassidy
  4. Gary Eaton, Jr
  5. Bo Hoelscher
  6. Dillon Kaelin
  7. Jess Drook
  8. Brad Chandler
  9. Harvey Yoder
  10. Eric Childers
  11. David Yoder
  12. Kyle Finlayson
  13. Jacob Gustafson
  14. Ron Sagers
  15. Trent Gossar
  16. Sean Frederick
  17. BJ Honious
  18. Kyle Frame
  19. Ryan Hollister
  20. Brandon Dalton
  21. Jeremy Mitchell
  22. Darek Morris
  23. Kyle Stark
  24. Steve Vore
  25. Terry Eaton Jr
  26. Justin Brown
  27. Clayton Oliver
  28. Ricky Wilson
  29. Todd Metz, Jr
  30. TJ Fannin
  31. Zach Bube
  32. Ty Scott

Street Stocks B 25-lap Feature

  1. Roger Williams
  2. Keith Bissinger
  3. Bill Ashton
  4. Joe Holp
  5. Chris Jividen
  6. Tony Boyd
  7. Jeremy Lutz
  8. Ray Sowers
  9. Mark Barnhill
  10. Josh Varney

Compacts B 20-lap Feature

  1. BJ Honious
  2. Ty Scott
  3. Brad Chandler
  4. Jeremy Mitchell
  5. Nicholas Meade
  6. Jeff Streigel
  7. Adam Krzykowski
  8. Josh Fults
  9. Jeff Vore
  10. Mark Jennings
  11. Keith Watson
  12. Brent Shreffler
  13. Danny Cascioli
  14. Tony Barcus
  15. Ken Crabtree
  16. Alex Bube
  17. Jesse Jones IV
  18. Cameron Thompson
  19. Ricky Weaver, Jr
  20. Chris Jennings
  21. Bill Honius
  22. Curtis Finlayson
  23. Mark Mason

Compacts C 15-lap Feature

  1. Ricky Weaver, Jr
  2. Mark Jennings
  3. Brent Shreffler
  4. Jeff Vore
  5. Reuben Fetty
  6. Hollywood Sidner
  7. Ricky Nelson
  8. Eugene Kopp
  9. Phil Iliff
  10. Casey Cupp
  11. Will Jennings
  12. Chris Wheeler
  13. Aaron Teegarden
  14. Corey Slavey
  15. Don Rufener III
  16. Shawn Kistler
  17. Brett Smith
  18. Tony Newman
  19. Rodney Sutton


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