Joey Gase, Eternal Fan, and Sparks Energy Reunite To Raise Funds For Disaster Relief

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Thanks to Sparks Energy and Eternal Fan, Gase will have on his car in Daytona to raise funds specifically for those impacted in Iowa by the Derecho!

Sparks Energy, Inc. was founded in 2007 to address a growing need by both Investor Owned Utilities and Electric Co-ops for a quality workforce to perform day to day maintenance, line construction, and energy restoration services. The Sparks Energy, Inc. team has over 35 years of experience in utility construction and management. They are a committed leader in the fields of power line construction and maintenance.

Joey Gase said, “The amount of destruction is unbelievable here and I have never seen anything like it. It truly frustrates me that the community has not gotten more attention and support nationally and I just wanted to be able to help my family, and neighbors in this relief effort. I am so proud of our community. We all got together and helped one another as soon as the storm lifted. What I don’t think people understand is how this storm came out of nowhere and caused major damage in such a large area and left over 500,000 people without power. Our whole community is also very thankful for all of the Linemen who rushed to our aid and worked countless hours nonstop to get the power back. This is exactly what Sparks Energy does and what they are doing now again for those that Hurricane Laura is affecting as we speak.” 

Joey has partnered with The Salvation Army Heartland Division, Sparks Energy and Eternal Fan to help raise funds for relief efforts in Cedar Rapids. Joey continued, “Any monetary amount can go a long way to help a family get back on their feet. I am thrilled to say we have already raised over $42,000 up to this point through the site and thanks to Magen Sparks from Sparks Energy and Matt Linn from Eternal Fan I think we will now see that number go even higher since millions will be seeing it on TV under the lights in Daytona!”
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