Austin Dillon and the Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Off Road Team Survive Duel and Capture Sixth Place Finish at Daytona

Photo Credit (HHP/Andrew Coppley)

“It’s a pretty good start to the season to earn some points tonight in the Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Off Road Chevrolet. Those extra points could come in handy during the season. We had a great race. We started losing the front end in dirty air and we are lacking some speed, but we have two practice sessions left to work on our car. The No. 47 car was just so unbelievably fast tonight. I was holding him up when I was leading, but when he was in front he pulled me pretty well. I think we’re strong enough to put together a solid race on Sunday if all of the Chevrolets work together.” 

-Austin Dillon 

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