Toyota Racing MENCS Quotes Charlotte Road Course – Erik Jones

LAT Images #20: Erik Jones, Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota Camry Craftsman

ERIK JONES, No.20 Craftsman Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing 

How tough is. it not to make it to the next round?

“It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating not just to even have a chance throughout the whole race, you know? We didn’t make it to the first stage and it wasn’t our fault. That’s probably the most frustrating part is getting taken out and nothing you can do about it. We’ll have to keep going all year, win some more races and come back and start over again in next year’s Playoffs.”

And just like that, Erik, your Playoffs are over.

“It’s unfortunate. We just had three really bad weeks and it’s some of our own doing and some not our own doing, but it’s racing. We’ve got really fast cars. I know we can probably go out and win some more races this year, which is I guess a consolation prize. I’d love to be moving forward here and challenging for the championship. I thought we could’ve went pretty deep this year, but it’s just the nature of the Playoffs. The Craftsman Camry – we were struggling today here early on, but we were going to fight all day and unfortunately we didn’t get that opportunity. We’ll keep racing all year and you know next year, come back and improve on what we can.”

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