Late-Race Contact Ends Tyler Reddick’s Day at Indy Prematurely

LAT Images #20: Christopher Bell, Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota Supra Rheem-Parker Hannifin, #19: Brandon Jones, Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota Supra First Foundation

“Man, I hate that’s the way our day ended with the No. 2 Anderson’s Maple Syrup Chevrolet Camaro.  These guys built a solid Chevy Camaro for this weekend and it’s a shame it ended that way.  Both Christopher (Bell) and I were just going for it late in the race, as expected from us, and it looks like we both just snapped loose at the same time. We had overcome just about everything during that race, from early nose damage to hitting the wall in Stage 2, and we’re finally in position to try to win it when the contact occurred. It’s disappointing for sure, but we’ll head to Las Vegas next week and get after it again. The points battle for the regular season championship will definitely be one to watch.” -Tyler Reddick


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