NASCAR Champion Martin Truex Jr. launches MTJ Aviation, a Part 135 Charter Aviation Company

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NASCAR Champion, Martin Truex Jr. has launched MTJ Aviation, a part 135 private charter company.

MTJ Aviation is an ARGUS Gold certified Part 135 charter operator, based in Mooresville, NC. We are a private charter aviation company that caters to clients that prioritize safety and care about cost.

Our #1 priority is safety at MTJ Aviation. Our pilots are hand selected and trained to the highest standards. Our Chief Pilot, Guy Cooper has over 15 years of experience in corporate aviation, including time as a jet captain at Delta Private Jets with experience managing and flying a wide variety of corporate turbine aircraft. MTJ Aviation’s line pilots have extensive experience in a wide range of aviation fields including major airlines, corporations and the United States Military.

Our Director of Maintenance, Ron Dietz II has over 20 years of experience as an airframe and power plant technician. His background includes maintenance with fleet operators, such as Flight Options, US Airways and multiple charter operations.

With decades of experience managing and maintaining turbine aircraft, we offer a private charter experience that’s unmatched in the aviation industry. From the moment the wheels are off the ground to the second you touch down, you’ll experience VIP flight services with a relentless focus on safety.

“I decided to launch a private aviation charter company because of our experience flying to NASCAR races every weekend over the last decade or so. MTJ Aviation offers a refreshing alternative because there are no fractional ownerships, memberships or long-term contracts, we simply fly you from point A to point B safely at a reasonable cost.” says Truex Jr.

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