Post Race Recap 8-3-19 from Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway

Coming into the August edition of the 2019 race season at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. Typically, the race for the divisional season championships begins to take shape and identifies just who the man to beat is. No doubt about it, no more time for DNF’s, parts failure is not an option and winning races is at a premium. It’s go time at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway as eight feature races were on the schedule. Who will it be to step up this week and hold high the hardware in Victory Lane? The Taylor Waste Services Late Models were back on track with twin race events as current Division One National Points leader Peyton Sellers was on hand to do battle. Cycle City Corp Bandoleros and Legends was also featured on the evenings race program as were the Riverside Paper Pro Six division. Back in this week’s racing were the Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks, the Old Skool Video Games Super Streets and action from the Parts Barn Enduros. Here’s how all the race action went down.

Taylor Waste Services Late Models Twin 70’s: Greg Edwards notched another pole run in the 2019 race season with a lap set at 15.799 seconds. Brother Danny Edwards would make it an all Edwards front row just forty thousandths of a second off the pole time. With the green high in the air, pole sitter Greg Edwards was slow getting into the throttle. Taking the obvious advantage was Danny Edwards who would come around to lead lap one. But then came Connor Hall who then took the lead as Greg Edwards regrouped back in third. Several laps later, race leader Hall enjoyed an eight car length lead as Greg Edwards began to put the pressure on Danny Edwards for second. On back, Peyton Sellers climb to fourth with Brenden Queen running fifth but back towards the front, Greg Edwards took second. Soon after and posting the faster lap times, Greg Edwards would knock off much of the lead from Connor Hall. Just before the halfway, battle for the race lead went down as Greg Edwards would clear Connor Hall for the point. Hall in a sweet crossover move almost made it work but the drive off for Greg Edwards was the strong point in keeping the lead. As the halfway went up on the board, Greg Edwards continued to show the way. Sellers drove hard to get to third and soon claimed second from Hall with plenty of time to chase down the leader. Late in the long green flag run, Peyton Sellers started closing in on the race leader Greg Edwards. Lap traffic certainly would play a role for the leaders but getting through better would be Greg Edwards. Final laps saw Sellers unable to close and by a margin of 1.592 seconds, Greg Edwards wins! Edwards with these words from Victory Lane, “Yeah, we got a little bit of clutch issues, thought we were fighting issues with the throwout bearing but it’s the clutch. Shifted into fourth, it just wheel hopped and wouldn’t go. Just got to be really careful this next race on the restarts, once it gets going its great and hopefully, we can make it through that”.

In the Late Model night cap, the mandatory eight car invert was applied to the grid forcing race winner Greg Edwards to start eighth but elected to go to the rear of the field instead. On the pole would be Cameron Bowen as Brenden Queen got the start outside in row one. With the green waving in the air, Cameron Bowen would show the field into turn one but leading lap one would be Brenden Queen. Off to a hot start, Queen’s lead was four lengths as Bowen, Danny Edwards, Connor Hall and Thomas Marks were the early top five. Laps later, its Danny Edwards and Connor Hall looking to get by Bowen who soon had to concede the spots. Proving to be the fastest on the track, Danny Edwards caught the race leader and from an opening on the bottom, Danny Edwards became the new race leader. Not long after did the ride of Connor Hall pass Queen for second. Greg Edwards finally found himself in the top five when the caution flag waved for Cameron Bowen coming to a stop on the backstretch. With the green back in the air, Connor Hall challenges Danny Edwards for the lead. After three laps, the pass was complete as Hall became the new race leader. Benefitting from the caution and watching the leaders battle, Greg Edwards had made his way to third. Nose to tail were the leaders when Danny Edwards takes Hall side by side in bid for the lead. Laps later, the pass was completed when Danny Edwards retakes the lead and following through was Greg Edwards to second. Well past the halfway, Greg Edwards would run down the race leader Danny Edwards and soon got to his bumper. With a slip from the race leader, Greg Edwards would take the race lead and from there, drove away to the checkered flag sweeping both race events. Margin of victory was 0.455 seconds, Greg Edwards reflected on the night. “I’m just so proud of this car, told ya that we had problems in the first race so we thought we didn’t want to chance it so we started in the rear. So, I saved tires, ease my way through there to fifth and was lucky enough to get that caution. I saved enough rear tire and the car was spot on, it was a really great race car”.

Race Results Race #1 Unofficial:

  1. #21 Greg Edwards; 70
  2. #26S Peyton Sellers; 70
  3. #77 Connor Hall; 70
  4. #26 Danny Edwards; 70
  5. #7 Zach Lightfoot; 70
  6. #88 Thomas Marks; 70
  7. #03 Brenden Queen; 69
  8. #19 Cameron Bowen; 69
  9. #9 Rodney Boyd; 69
  10. #36 Chris Johnson; 69
  11. #89 Craig Eastep; 69
  12. #10 Maddy Mulligan; 69
  13. #4 Duane Shreeves; 57
  14. #00 Chase Burrow; 57
  15. #26P Jordon Pickrel; 25

Race Results Race #2 Unofficial:

  1. #21 Greg Edwards; 70
  2. #26 Danny Edwards; 70
  3. #77 Connor Hall; 70
  4. #03 Brenden Queen; 70
  5. #88 Thomas Marks; 70
  6. #26S Peyton Sellers; 70
  7. #36 Chris Johnson; 70
  8. #7 Zach Lightfoot; 70
  9. #9 Rodney Boyd; 69
  10. #89 Craig Eastep; 69
  11. #4 Duane Shreeves; 69
  12. #10 Maddy Mulligan; 69
  13. #00 Chase Burrow; 68
  14. #26P Jordon Pickrel; 44
  15. #19 Cameron Bowen; 42 

Cycle City Corp Bandoleros 15 Laps: Jacob Derrick claimed the Bandoleros division pole with the fast lap set at 21.124 seconds. Cody Bryant Jr would get the second starting position on the grid with his effort. Green flag was shown to the grid and off into turn they go. Emerging as the early race leader would be the pole sitter Jacob Derrick but only by a nose. Cody Bryant Jr would then concede the top spot and tucked in line behind the leader. Third spot Wyatt Philyaw would take a peek at the second place ride but settled back in third. Several laps later and it’s a two car break away with the leaders. Nose to tail were Derrick and Bryant as the halfway came and went. On back, Philyaw had control from third on back as the final laps neared. At the front, Bryant continued to size up the race leader but crossing the stripe first would be Jacob Derrick with the race win. Margin of victory would be 0.193 seconds, Jacob Derrick from Victory Lane, “Like to thank my dad, my nana, my papa, my grandma and my grandpa. Gene Nichols, Randy Akers, Rita Akers and my baseball team”.

Race Results:

  1. #8 Jacob Derrick; 15
  2. #00 Cody Bryant Jr; 15
  3. #22 Wyatt Philyaw; 15
  4. #4 Alek Andrecs; 15
  5. #47 Ryley Music; 15
  6. #14 Aaliyah Paynter; 15
  7. #8W Connor Weddell; 15
  8. #12 Braden Andrecs; 14

Cycle City Corp Legends 25 Laps: Ryan Matthews was back on the Legends series pole posting up his 18.365 second lap. Connor Jones was a mere five thousandths of a second off the pole who easily started shotgun to the pole sitter. With the green flag waving, Ryan Matthews would lead lap one as Spencer Saunders picked up a spot to second and hot on the trail of the leader. Connor Jones was third with Colby Flowers and Ryan Center as the early top five. Laps later, Saunders would get to the bumper of the leader, looking high, peeking low and with a friendly push, takes the race lead. Matthews for the moment would let Saunders complete the pass but back would come Matthews to regain the lead. Halfway into the feature, race leader Matthews looks to be a touch better than Saunders. Connor Jones watching it all would close in as the leader’s battle. Latter stages now and the race leader slips a bit enough for Saunders to retake the lead but back comes Matthews to lead once again. Final laps and it had to happen, Saunders driving hard into turn one goes around to bring out the caution. Restart to the feature and Ryan Matthews with the better start holds onto the lead. Final lap, coming around out of turn four, its Ryan Matthews by 0.330 seconds for the race win. Matthews had this to say in Victory Lane, “We struggled a little bit, tried something different with the set up and tried to get more out of it. We were a little off, made a few adjustments for second practice, picked up a position and qualified on pole. The car was pretty much perfect in the race, me and Spencer are just so close on speed, gave each other a few bumper moves and I was able to come away with it in the end”.

Race Results:

  1. #51 Ryan Matthews; 26
  2. #14 Connor Jones; 26
  3. #7 Spencer Saunders; 26
  4. #33 Colby Flowers; 26
  5. #88 Ryan Center; 26
  6. #4 Chris Hayes; 26
  7. #27 David Steele; 25

Riverside Paper Pro Six 30 Laps: Jared Clark earned the Pro Six series pole, posting a 17.226 second lap as Eric Schaffer took the second starting spot on the grid. Green flag waved and the early race leader would be Eric Schaffer. Jared Clarke would soon gather back up to follow the race leaders’ line. There also in the fray would be Travis Wall who soon took second from Clark. Laps later, the fastest car on the track is Wall who soon ran down the leader to take the race lead. Schaffer then fell into the clutches of Clarke in third but held on to fourth for now. Halfway on the board and the race leader Travis Wall soon checked out. With well over a half a straight away length lead, Wall was on a rail. Bobby Hall would track down Eric Schaffer for third as Schaffer’s ride was not the same as it was early in the feature. From there, in recent weeks had been a hotly contested division proved to be rather tame in this week’s action thanks in part to the domination of the race leader. Travis Wall cruises to victory by 5.266 seconds with these words in Victory Lane. “I think that I need to learn how to qualify because I know we have a good car. For me, it’s just not performing enough to get that pole. Hope we had great race as there was fireworks on the back stretch, don’t know if everybody got to see that. Thank you to all the fans for coming out to watch all of that, it was pretty fun”.

Race Results:

  1. #44 Travis Wall; 30
  2. #28 Jared Clarke; 30
  3. #22 Eric Schaffer; 30
  4. #21 Dashe McLaughlin; 30
  5. #29 Scott Allen; 30
  6. #4 Debbie Beisecker; 29
  7. #72 Josh Taylor; 29
  8. #46 Jason Michaud;
  9. #26 Bobby Hall; DQ 

Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks 25 Laps: Rick Poust claimed the Super Truck series pole with a lap at 19.203 seconds. Chase McAdams would get his spot on the front row qualifying second in the grid. Green flag racing ensued and leading the first circuit would be the pole sitter Rick Poust. Chase McAdams would be hot in the tracks of the leader as Shannon Lester, Keith Wheeler and Ryan Huff were the early top five. Lap for lap, McAdams search for a way around the race leader. Halfway in the feature saw Chase McAdams get to the bumper of the leader and eventually took the race lead. Then the races first caution for the spin of Shannon Lester on the front stretch setting up the first race restart. With the green flag waving, once again, another caution for the spin of John Babey. Green’s back out on the speedway and Chase McAdams with the whole shot takes the point. But then its Rick Poust taking the lead when troubles come to the race leader. McAdams, who had a strong run going into turn one collects race leader Poust to bring out the third caution. Poust would be allowed to keep the top spot for the next restart as did Chase McAdams in second. With the green in the air and six laps left, another race caution slowed the race pace. Final restart and should cooler heads prevail, Rick Poust gets away securing the lead. With several trucks spinning on the final lap, Rick Poust wins the hot tempered, caution filled race by 1.596 seconds. Rick Poust with words from Victory Lane, “I can’t tell ya enough, these people behind me, without them I would be anywhere in this sport. My dad, my wife, my son, my sponsors, I’m nothing without them. Huge shout out to my people watching on Fanschoice, this is great”.

Race Results:

  1. #9 Rick Poust; 27
  2. #3 Ryan Huff; 27
  3. #18 Chase McAdams; 27
  4. #66 Wayne Lyon; 27
  5. #65 Shannon Lester; 27
  6. #27 Keith Wheeler; 27
  7. #16 John Babey; 26
  8. #38 Paige Cain; 14

Old Skool Video Games Super Streets 40 Laps: Gordon Weeks was back on pole, his lap at 18.885 seconds easily won the pole as Nick Sample would start second. With the green out over the speedway, Gordon Weeks establishes the race lead with Nick Sample in tow. Early movers towards the front were Randy Akers along with Dale Parro making their way to the top five. With the field all stretched out in single file, race leader Weeks however was not getting away from Sample. But then the caution flag flew when Billy Newman spun just shy of turn three. Back to the green, its Gordon Weeks with the great restart to secure the point. Also, with a great restart would be Bill Eaker to battle for second from the outside but soon found himself in fourth with sights on Sean Calway in third. Excellent racing for fifth when Dale Parro worked around Randy Akers for the spot. But then the second caution for the spin of Chris Spangler on the back stretch. With the restart in play, Gordon Weeks would be harassed by Sean Calway who soon learned the race leader was much too strong as the halfway goes up on the board. Calway then was beat by Nick Sample for second who settled for third in the exchange. On back, the racing was intense as the beaten and banging took place. Racers Gildea, Parro, Akers all battled hard and finally, Parro goes around to bring out the caution. Green flag would soon wave over the track as Gordon Weeks wins another restart. But trouble up front when Calway and Sample get together for yet another race caution. With eleven laps remaining, Gordon Weeks maintains his race lead. Sean Calway who held the second spot would do all he can to reel in the leader but could not do. Gordon Weeks would survive several restarts to motor on to victory by 1.842 seconds. Gordon Weeks from Victory Lane, “Yeah, it’s been a long time, had some rough luck this year. Really got to thank my family, my dad, my pop, my uncle Gary who put a lot work in the car. Dale Parro foe helping me understand what I need to do to get the car faster, I think that’s everybody”.

Race Results:

  1. #20 Gordon Weeks; 40
  2. #12 Sean Calway; 40
  3. #21 Randy Akers; 40
  4. #28 Thomas Gildea; 40
  5. #14 Tillman Heuer; 40
  6. #15 Dale Parro; 40
  7. #33 Chris Spangler; 40
  8. #22 Bill Eaker; 31
  9. #25 Nick Sample; 29
  10. #54N Billy Newman; 9
  11. #48 Caitlyn Joyner; 5
  12. #95 Danny Harrell; DQ

Parts Barn Enduros 30 Laps: Chris Kane would get to start on pole based on a pill draw. In a share of the front row, Hayden Sheldon would start second when the green flag waved. Sure enough, the pole sitter Chris Kane would lead lap one. Colby Vance wasted no time and was soon shown in second. Coming through the grid as well was Richard Quinn in third but back at the front, the battle for the lead was in play. In a three wide pass, Colby Vance would take his turn at the lead when third place Richard Quinn crashed on the backstretch. Back to the green, Vance continues to lead, lapping car after car with Chris Kane still in second. Hunter Kane who started deep in the grid made his way to third as Mike Joyner and Richard Ellis were the top five just shy of the halfway. Great battle for third through fifth as Joyner picks up a spot as does Ellis leaving Hunter Kane fifth. But as the halfway comes and goes, so far it’s been Colby Vance on point. Final laps in the feature and the race leader Colby Vance was money through lap traffic and hooked up on this night. Colby Vance wins in Enduro racing action, margin of victory was 6.234 seconds. Vance from Victory Lane, “It was a good race for us, sure enough the pill draw worked out in our favor as we had some bad luck starting in the back. Probably gave a way a few races like that but I got to thank all my guys. Thank all the guys for putting together some good pieces that’s for sure. Feels good to get this win, feels good to make it count”.

Race Results:

  1. #44 Colby Vance; 30
  2. #48 Chris Kane; 30
  3. #17 Alex Floroff; 30
  4. #41 Richard Ellis; 30
  5. #99K Hunter Kane; 30
  6. #11 Phil Nelson; 30
  7. #47 Nate Lundin; 30
  8. #13 Hayden Sheldon; 29
  9. #24 Tim Vinson; 29
  10. #96 Taylor Kool; 29
  11. #33 Mike Kanary; 29
  12. #4 Wendell White; 29
  13. #28 William Robinson; 29
  14. #7 Dwight Nikles; 29
  15. #25 Ryan Vinson; 29
  16. #21P Karl Park; 29
  17. #64 Thomas Fontaine; 28
  18. #3 Mikey Chinn; 28
  19. #12 Zach Herdlein; 28
  20. #2 Jesse Holston; 28
  21. 00 Robert Dezero; 28
  22. #90 Nick Martin; 28
  23. #32 Vicky Connor; 27
  24. #16 Mel Vermillion; 26
  25. #4B Jake Bage; 24
  26. #19 Courtney Schubert; 22
  27. #53S Zach Stongle; 12
  28. #86 Nicholas Hurt; 12
  29. #31 Richard Quinn; 9
  30. #20 Savannah Perry; 8
  31. #66 William Fontaine; 8
  32. #88 Charlie Bryant; 2
  33. #03D Nicholas Deans;
  34. #71 Brad Morningstar;
  35. #02 Mike Joyner; DNF

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