Go Fas Racing Debuts New Incentive-Based Marketing Program for Fans and Small Businesses

For decades, racing sponsorships at the Cup-series level have primarily been massive corporations and large business-to-business partnerships. While many of these companies appealed at a customer-level to the blue-collar NASCAR fan, it was far-fetched for this fan to believe he or she might be able to have their company represented on a racecar at the top level of motorsport. Go Fas Racing is hoping to change that with their unveiling of the #TeamBurrito NASCAR Marketing Program.
What is #TeamBurrito?:
#TeamBurrito is a program in which fans can make a positive impact within our racing program while receiving a once in a lifetime experience. All fans have to do is use their networking base to create an introduction between a business or potential sponsor and our race team using an online form, or by reaching out via social media. If the sponsor becomes a partner of the race team, the fan is rewarded with a VIP experience and a ranging number of hot passes to a race of their choice. Fan reward packages range depending on the size of the sponsorship. These rewards will be detailed in a packet that the #TeamBurrito member receives upon reaching out to the team via social media.
Cost-Effective Affordable Experiences:
Much like the companies that Go Fas has partnered with through the beginning of this program, Go Fas Racing is a small, family-owned, company on the rise. Through this program, team owner Archie St. Hilaire and his son, team manager Mason St. Hilaire hope to create an experience for business-owners, their employees and their clients that is second-to-none. Sponsors will be able to have their company represented on the racecar at major events while getting a VIP experience for their guests as honorary members of the race team. Prices for this partnership start at around $10,000 and include hot passes, a meet and greet with Matt DiBenedetto, food/drinks for guests, and the company represented on our No.32 Ford.
How it Came About:
The idea for this program came about after driver Matt DiBenedetto posted a video asking for introductions to business-owners in the Phoenix area who might be interested in becoming a sponsor. The video went viral, and the team sold all of the sponsorship locations once companies realized how affordable these partnerships could be. In just a few days team not only sold all of the space for this race, but also the following event, and various spaces throughout the year. It is because of the success we saw in those weeks that we are releasing this program, starting with Texas (April 8th), Richmond (April 21st), and Pocono (June 3rd).
For More Information:
For more information on this program, please visit Go Fas Racing on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or visit our website, www.gofasracing.com .
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