McDowell Looks Forward to Teamwork at Martinsville

McDowell on Martinsville

“Martinsville is a great track for Front Row Motorsports — a lot because David Ragan is very good there. He’s got the program tuned in at Martinsville. So, I’m looking forward to it for that reason, to be able to learn a little bit off of him and his data. I’ve always managed the race well as far as brakes and long runs, but I’ve never qualified super stellar. So, hopefully I can pick that up and make the day a little bit easier. Normally if you start in the teens or 20s, you can have a pretty uneventful first half. When you qualify near the back, you have to work a lot harder.

“It’s very physical at Martinsville. And very easy to make mistakes. The one nice thing about Martinsville is you get away with a few mistakes a race. Unlike Talladega or Daytona, where you just get it wrong by a few inches and cause a ‘big one,’ at Martinsville you just run in to somebody and knock the bumper in a little bit. But it’s a grueling race for sure.”

McDowell Martinsville Stats
14 starts, 2 top-20s
Best finish: 18th

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