Results From Winter Flurry Week 5

The 2017 Winter Flurry Legends and Bandolero racing series wrapped up with its fifth and final week Saturday afternoon, as drivers tackled the infield road course at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Rookie Bandoleros Division

Mason Maggio of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida led the Rookie Bandolero Division feature, the first race of the afternoon, from the pole and opened up substantial lead over the course of the eight-lap race to easily claim the checkered flag.

Clem Denton of Kathleen was the runner up, while Cole McKeehan of Winder and Bailey North of McDonough rounded out the field in order.

Bandits/Outlaws Divisions

In the combined Bandits and Outlaws Division feature, Kenny Brady of Marietta and Blaise Maddox of Locust Grove each started on the front row and ran door-to-door through the first handful of turns on the winding road course. But as the pair entered the first 90-degree turn, contact between them sent both spinning, resulting in a caution and sending them to the rear of the field.

On the ensuing restart, Nathan Jackson of McDonough took the lead and led for three straight laps, but as the leaders crossed the line at the race’s halfway point, Blaze Crawford of Fayetteville overtook Jackson for the lead and stayed there for the remaining four laps to seal off the win. 

Jackson held on for the runner-up finish, while Michael Gannon of Canton rounded out the podium.

Young Lions/Semi-Pro Divisions

After winning the pole and leading the first three laps of the combined Semi-Pro/Young Lions Division feature, Connor Younginer of Stockbridge saw his lead slip away on the fourth lap, when Hampton’s Hunter Johnson got around him on the frontstretch with an impressive burst of speed.

From there, Johnson hung-on to the top spot the rest of the way and finished first in front of Clay Thompson of Bowersville and Ryan Rackley of Valdosta.

Pro/Masters Divisions

In the combined, Pro/Masters Division feature, Dylan Murry sat on the pole and led the field through the race’s first lap. Fellow Pro Division foe Rafe Slate of Eatonton, who was never more than two car lengths behind Murry through the first half of the race, briefly snagged the lead from Murry on the second circuit as the pair sped down a long straightaway on the back half of the course, but Murry reclaimed the lead less than a lap later and never trailed the rest of the way through the eight-lap feature.

Ultimately, Slate would finish third, behind Murry and runner-up Dawson Fletcher of Canton, as the Pro drivers swept the podium.

Below are the complete results from Saturday’s doubleheader:

Rookie Bandoleros Division
1. Mason Maggio (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
2. Cole McKeehan (Winder, GA)
3. Denton Clem (Kathleen, GA)
4. Bailey North (McDonough, GA)

Bandits Division
1. Kenneth Henderson (Alto, GA)
2. Justin Campbell (Griffin, GA)
3. Max Hennebaul (Monroe, GA)
4. Lucas Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
5. Matthew Kade (Hampton, GA)
DNS Kelley Puckett (McDonough, GA)
DNS Ryan Younginer (Stockbridge, GA)

Outlaws Division
1. Blaze Crawford (Fayetteville, GA)
2. Nathan Jackson (McDonough, GA)
3. Michael Gannon (Canton, GA)
4. Blaise Maddox (Locust Grove, GA)
5. Max Brady (Marietta, GA)
6. Keaton Hendrix (Homerville, GA)
7. Kenny Brady (Marietta, GA)
8. Daniel Clemm (Kathleen, GA)
DNS Ashton Whitener (Monticello, GA)

Young Lions Division
1. Hunter Johnson (Hampton, GA)
2. Clay Thompson (Bowersville, GA)
3. Ryan Rackley (Valdosta, GA)
4. Cale Hall (Griffin, GA)
5. Annabelle Mohwish (Cumming, GA)
6. Nathan Jackson (McDonough, GA)
7. DNF Timothy Watson (Panama City, FL)

Semi-Pro Division
1. Tyler Streetman
2. DNF Connor Younginer (Stockbridge, GA)
3. DNF Brandon Collins (Hampton, GA)
4. DNF Jessie Thomas (Braselton, GA)
5. DNF Trey Tadrzak (Stockbridge, GA)
6. DNF Nick Woodall (McDonough, GA)

Masters Division
1. Robbie Woodall (McDonough, GA)
2. Tony Armbruster (Covington, GA)
3. Wade Brewer (Hampton, GA)
4. Dennis Hecht (Hoschton, GA)
5. Clay Lee (Waycross, GA)
6 DNF Barry Bowen (Jackson Lake, GA)

Pro Division
1. Dylan Murry (Cumming, GA)
2. Dawson Fletcher (Canton, GA)
3. Rafe Slate (Eatonton, GA)

Atlanta Motor Speedway’s offseason Legends and Bandolero racing returns on Saturday, Jan. 13 for Week 1 of the 2018 Furious Five Series. Infield admission is available for $20, and passes can be purchased at the Security Command building near the speedway’s main entrance. 

For more information, contact the Atlanta Motor Speedway ticket office at (770) 946-4211, (877) 9-AMS-TIX or visit


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