Day of Destruction at Larry King Laws Langley Speedway

Closing out an incredible, 2017 race season at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway was the much anticipated event, “Day of Destruction”. An afternoon filled with carnage featuring well over one hundred cars participating in such events as a Reverse Race, Tug of War, Bag Race where you race with a bag over your head. The popular Train Race, Appliance Race and so much more. Prize money and the prestige of survival was all on the line and here is a summary of the winners surviving the, “Day of Destruction”.

Reverse Race: In a three lap race going backwards around the .397 mile oval, eighteen competitors participated and when the green flag dropped, so were the wrecks. With cars crashing into the wall, spinning out and some in the ditches on the inner parts of the infield. It was Denver Alvis steering his way through and winning the race event.

Flag Pole Race: With locations on the front and back stretches of the track, competitors had to circle the stationary flag for five laps before a winner could be determined. As the green flag waved, twenty three cars jammed up around the first flag pole as the damage began. The one emerging unharmed and able to go the five lap distance to the checkered flag first would be the winner, Bill Eaker. As for the rest of the field, many tore up race cars was all that was left.

Bag Race: In this event, the driver is required to wear a bag over their head. A second occupant of each car is responsible for the navigation instructions for the driver. Twenty cars took the green flag and wasn’t long before the cars were running over each other. But tipping through the mess seen all over the track, it was Kenny Shrader and Chris Jackson victorious in the Bag race event.

Train Race: In the train race, the feature would be a five lap adventure where two car tandems connected by a single chain made up each team. The rear car was not allowed to be under power as the front car did all the work. With the green flag over the track, the destruction began right at the start finish line as several teams crashed hard on the infield wall. Somehow, race winners Williby Snowden and his teammate Jeff, last name unknown, emerged from the wreckage and went on to win the feature.

Appliance Race: In the appliance race, two separate heats were featured taking the top two finishers of each race. Then, to determine the winner, the four best would compete in the main feature. Race teams had to complete five laps, come to pit road, adding an appliance to the car to haul each lap. First one to haul five appliances on the car and cross the strip first wins. In the first heat, David Hall won round one with Rex Royal advancing to the main. In round two action, Danny Harrell would win heat two with Kyle Davis advancing as well. In the main feature appliance race, Kyle Davis would win completing all five laps without dropping any appliances.

Tug of War: With two cars parked nose to nose, the car that was able to push the other backwards would win. Danny Harrell was victorious outlasting several others for his second feature win on the day.

Burn Out Competition: Four hot rods competed in the Burn Out Competition and much to the excitement of the fans, the tire smoke ensued. Given 10 seconds to cook them down, Derek Roberts not only smoke them down but blew the right rear in the process. Determined by the fans, Roberts was awarded the win.

Enduro Feature 50 Laps: Blake Russell in a pill draw would start on pole for the Enduro feature consisting of sixty five cars set for action. With the drop of the green flag, the racing began and so did the demolition. One by one, lap after lap, cars would fall off the pace and the track. But in a dominating performance, having to start sixtieth in the sixty five car field. Chris Roberts once out in front, would go on to win the Enduro race feature.

Compact Car Demolition: Nineteen cars competed in the Compact Car Demolition event and as expected, many of the competitors were eliminated early. When all was said and done, Earl Whitehouse in his car named Hulk Smash survived the carnage to win the Compact Car Demolition.

Full Size Car Demolition: In the evenings final event, twelve cars competed in the Full Size Car Demolition which saw some of the biggest hits and destroyed cars on the day. Joshua Fehrle in a Station Wagon outlasted the rest and easily won the Full Size Car Demolition.

In conclusion to our 2017 race season, a few announcements to share about some upcoming events and news to next year’s race season. Come join us December 2nd for the Langley Speedway Champions Banquet, tickets are still available and can be purchased at the track office during normal working hours. March 10th, 2018 will be the next, “Day of Destruction”, event with anticipation of being bigger than ever for the competitors. Langley Speedway is happy to announce at this time that our 67th race season is set to start on March 31st, 2018. Full race schedule is soon to be finalized and forthcoming in the upcoming weeks. Also, the 2018 Denny Hamlin Shortrack Showdown is coming to Langley Speedway on April 19th, 2018. More information about our upcoming race season along with the race schedule will be coming out soon. Thank you for your support of an exciting race season from your friends at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway.

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