The #11 Toyota of Denny Hamlin and JGR has been Hit for a Post Race Infraction by NASCAR

Infraction: Section 20.14.2 Rear Suspension I-4 f
Truck Trailing Arm Spacers/Pinion Angle
Shims. Spacers/pinion angle shims must
conform to the following drawing: A-008-
01016d-16 REV. A. Notes: 6 The Truck
trailing arm spacer / pinion angle shim
mating surfaces must be planar and must
be in complete contact with corresponding
mating surfaces at all points and at all
Race finish is encumbered per Section 12.10
Encumbered Race Finishes.

Penalty:Crew chief (Mike Wheeler) has been fined $50,000 and
suspended from two Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series
Championship Points Events. Team has been assessed with
the loss of 25 owner points and 25 driver points.


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