Transcript: Corey Heim – Pit Road Interview – Phoenix

NKP #11: Corey Heim, TRICON Garage, Safelite Toyota Tundra, #38: Zane Smith, Front Row Motorsports, Speedco / Delo Ford F-150

Q. Corey, do you stand by the late check on Carson Hocevar?

COREY HEIM: Ask him if he stands by the first one. I mean, I got my right rear — he wrecked me, then I got my right rear destroyed. From there I had no sideforce, and he put it on my door, and I lost control.

Just really got to hold our heads high for a great year. I feel like we had them worn out tonight with our Safelite Tundra TRD Pro, Tricon Garage, and Toyota Racing just does a phenomenal job and really had a great championship caliber truck but just didn’t go our way. 

Q. As you said, you talk about the season that you had. How do we describe this one going forward?

COREY HEIM: It was a great year. It was a phenomenal year for us. This was our worst finish in like six months. Really put together a good race, and really hoped that the guys would race me clean. I’ve got a lot of respect for everybody in the field, but clearly not him anymore. But it is what it is. It’s part of racing, and unfortunately that turned into a wreck fest, but I did all I could.

Q. How did you plot the payback?

COREY HEIM: It wasn’t retaliation. I had no sideforce, he put it on my door, and I wrecked.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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