Transcript: William Byron Pit Road Interview at Martinsville

NKP #24: William Byron, Hendrick Motorsports, PODS Chevrolet Camaro

Q. William Byron, what did you say when you sat down? Worst race of my career with the best result? A slugfest.

WILLIAM BYRON: Obviously we were not very good. Our worst race of the year. These guys deserve it so much. They work so hard. Honestly, probably with 50 to go I felt really, really bad. I just had did drive the hell out of it. The guys stuck with me, they kept motivating me through little bits and pieces, just kind of keeping my mind straight. 

I’m just really thankful for them. It was just, yeah, a slugfest. Everyone raced me there good at the end. Congrats to Ryan. I was really happy for him, brother-in-law. He was really fast. But, man, we just had to hang on. Just had to dig a little bit deeper. 

I knew when I got out of the car I was just beat. But the result means more than anything. These guys work so hard. We’ve worked so hard all season. I’m just really proud of them. 

Q. How tough were the conditions today? You were saying it was unusually hot.

WILLIAM BYRON: Yeah, I think we just — my helmet fan wouldn’t work. My face is bright red. My COOLSHIRT, all that stuff was great. When your head is just blowing like a hair dryer, it’s really tough. 

We train for that. You just try to find a little bit more. You’re not going to pull in, I guarantee that, with plus seven or plus eight, whatever, I was going to faint before I was going to finish or get out of the race. Just really proud of the team. They deserve this. We’ve worked really hard for it, so it’s nice to see it pay off. 

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