Enfinger Advances To The Championship 4

NKP #23: Grant Enfinger, GMS Racing, Champion Power Equipment Chevrolet Silverado

Post-Race Quote: You’re going to race for a championship in Phoenix! There was a lot going on today, you had the penalty early on, but you guys were able to overcome that. I saw a lot of hugs here, how’s this one feel?

“It feels great. These guys deserve to be running for a championship in Phoenix. I’m pretty disappointed in our execution, you can’t make mistakes against these guys. We were blessed to have a second opportunity. Jeff made some great calls on the truck; the truck was as good as it was going to be on those last two stints. That was all we had. We could have thrown a Hail Mary and maybe that would have given us a shot at winning, but he made the right call to race for a championship. Congratulations to all these guys, I really wanted this for Mike Beam, Maury Gallagher, Ron Booth, everybody at Champion Power Equipment, and Jeff Hensley. All these guys deserve to race for a championship so we are incredibly blessed and thankful that the Lord blessed us with this opportunity and hopefully we make the most of it in two weeks.”

GMS Racing

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