Bubba Wallace Pit Lane Interview Brostol Motor Speedway

LAT Images #23: Bubba Wallace, 23XI Racing, Columbia Sportswear Company Toyota Camry

Q. You’ve made it to the next round, but you finished 14th and did it. Describe your night. Looked like the last run was pretty tough.

BUBBA WALLACE: Yeah, it was. 

Good, I love that shit right there. Counting us out (referring to the boos of the crowd).

Like Coco Gauff said, all they’re doing is adding fuel to the fire. I love it.

I love where I’m at with this team. Wish my mom, dad, sister were here to celebrate with me. I mean, a career year. Just got to keep it going. Appreciate all the partners involved. Columbia has done great when they’re on the car. Hated it for them last week.

I’m mentally exhausted. I’m wore out. Gave it our all there. Battled hard and executed. That’s what you got to do.

We know next week’s a reset. We just got to go out and have some fun, work our asses off.

Thank you to the ones that believe in me. Keep it going. Yeah, on to next week.

Q. Wondering about the challenge. A little tussle with Kyle Larson. Tussle can the wall. It’s Bristol.

BUBBA WALLACE: Yeah, I’m running my own race. I’m pretty sure he thought he could go catch the 11. A tall task. What I had on the line I thought was more important. What he thought he had on the line he thought was more important. It’s Bristol. All racing. All good. 

We’ll go on to Texas and have some fun. 

Q. Celebrate and reset.


FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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