NASCAR Transcripts: Daniel Suárez Pit Lane Interview – 8.13.23 at IMS

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Q. Daniel, after having a very strong car today, you guys had an issue on pit road where the hose was under the car. How do you come to terms with that and what happened?

DANIEL SUÁREZ: I mean, we win and we lose as a team, and that’s all I can say. The guys brought a very fast race car. I felt that maybe we were one adjustment behind in the first run with the back of the car, but then we made it a little bit better.

But I felt like I was always one step behind the 9 and the 34, and then at the end, I felt that when my car came alive again, we had that issue.

Just a little bit heartbreaking, but that’s part of the sport. All we can do is continue to push, continue to build race cars like this, and I’ll keep on winning races. I can’t thank everyone at Trackhouse Racing, all our sponsors, Freeway Insurance, all the people that help us to perform this way. 

Q. You won the pole here. You had a dominant car. What’s the outlook and optimism headed to another road course next?

DANIEL SUÁREZ: Definitely we can perform I think even better. I felt like yesterday we were very strong, and today we were strong. We were lacking a little bit. I didn’t like my first half of the race. But I’m pretty sure we’re going to go back, analyze everything, and come back stronger next week. 

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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